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Citizen Conflict Forging the Bridge Between Web2 Gaming and Web3 Innovation

A new hero shooter by QORPO is set to democratize esports and return ownership to players
Bratislava / Dubai, Jan 15, 2023 – (ACN Newswire) – Citizen Conflict represents a Paradigm Shift in Competitive Gaming. Yet the big question is: Where does the success of legendary game titles such as World of Warcraft, Counter-Strike, and League of Legends stem from?
QORPO Game Studio believes that immense popularity is garnered by the ability to entertain players for long periods of time within an elaborate and functioning ecosystem. Citizen Conflict aims, in practice, to let retail players organize tournaments and earn from non-centralized esports without endless hours of training. The QORPO model lets anyone become a pro.However, this concept is faced with two major problems: the corporatization of traditional web2 titles and the uncompetitive quality of web3. To address and solve this issue, the developers at QORPO set about the project of building a bridge between the two worlds, within a seamless and well-integrated ecosystem of AAA games.Monolithic Past and Uncertain FutureMost blockchain games cannot keep up with traditional titles. From the graphics and visuals to gameplay dynamics, these games are more akin to standards 15 or more years ago, rather than modern expectations. Often, blockchain games can’t retain players for reasonable periods as their models aren’t based on high-quality gameplay, but elusive promises of profit backed by inflated cryptocurrencies, symptomatic of play2earn ethos.Having said that, traditional web2 games, while more suited to modern gameplay standards, don’t offer power and freedom to the community. In-game assets are mostly a black hole, as players don’t really own what they paid for, legally speaking, so those few pixels called ‘skins’ are not truly theirs.From the perspective of competitive gaming, traditional leagues and tournaments are walled gardens governed by third-party authorities and are reserved only for professional esports players. Thus, just like the whole web2, over the last decades, traditional gaming has become too corporate and monolithic.Forging the Bridge Between Web2 and Web3Rastislav Bakala, CEO and Founder of QORPO, bears these concerns in mind. “Our target is to bring the best players from both worlds. Besides high-quality gameplay standards with an immersive storyline and crispy graphics, Citizen Conflict gives the power back – into the hands of players.”After signing in to a QORPO ID, which works the same as any other gaming platform registration, you can download the game and enjoy the gameplay seamlessly without ever knowing you entered the waters of web3. On top of that, any in-game asset that a player buys or wins belongs to them exclusively, and to no one else.Bakala continued, “QORPO is eager to disrupt the centralization of esports. Players can look forward to regular sponsored tournaments and generous prize pools. You no longer need to spend long hours training or having sponsors to make it to the big league. Going the extra mile, players can also organize their own tournaments; as a result, everyone can earn from esports now.”Continuing Where the Metaverse FailedSpeaking of well-integrated ecosystems not seldom pertains to the already flawed idea of so-called metaverse pursuits, sought-after by Mark Zuckerberg or Tim Sweeney. The up-to-date cyber world, though, doesn’t have to be just poor graphics and vain efforts. QORPO’s vision is to forge a seamless ecosystem of high-quality games under one roof with a universal player’s ID.Citizen Conflict, a free-to-play, team-based shooter game set in the cyberpunk dystopia of the Ether Islands world, is just the start. QORPO is on a mission to build a whole universe of AAA games, each equipped with unique graphics, elaborate gameplay models, and robust, book-worthy storylines. Let’s expand and redefine the genre together!About QORPOBorn of a desire to challenge the limits, QORPO is a next-gen game developer with end-to-end solutions for the gaming industry. With headquarters in Slovakia, strong ties to Dubai, and a web of affiliates around the world, we democratize esports and forge the digital universe of tomorrow’s standards. Since our inception in 2018, we have made a mark in the blockchain genre with titles such as TRM and Citizen Conflict and proven ourselves among the experienced Unreal Engine studios in the industry, thanks to our dedication to top-notch gaming experiences.The Citizen Conflict project has already raised $7M from top VCs including Maven Capital, Firestarter, Master Ventures, VBC Ventures, Halvings Capital, Momentum 6, ZBS Capital and Avstar along with ecosystem partners Binance NFT, Binance Smart Chain, Blockchain Gaming Alliance, and others. Let’s rewrite the boundaries together: follow QORPO at www.qorpo.world, and stay tuned for latest developments on:Website: https://cryptocitizen.world/homeTelegram News: https://t.me/citizenconflictnewsTelegram Group: https://t.me/citizenconflictTwitter: https://twitter.com/CitizenConflictDiscord: https://discord.com/invite/cryptocitizenInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/citizenconflict/YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsTeWAlQBKErsyYYy31WfVQMedium: https://qorpogamestudio.medium.com

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