CHEAP: At $60, the Instant Pot is at its lowest price ever

CHEAP: At $60, the Instant Pot is at its lowest price ever 1

The Instant Pot isn’t your ordinary slow cooker. It’s an all-in-one machine that can do (almost) anything, from steaming vegetables, to sautéing meat. It’s for that reason why users rave about it, with aficionados of the machine called “potheads.” And now you can get one for $59.99.

That’s nothing shy of impressive, when you consider they were going for roughly $240 in 2014. According to CamelCamelCamel, this is the Instant Pot’s lowest ever price.

So, why would you want this?

Well, versatility is a key advantage of the Instant Pot. It does so much, thereby allowing you to ditch appliances that would otherwise gather dust in your kitchen, or consume valuable counter-top space. If you’re living in a tight apartment, they’re essential.

But also, they’re good. You can make some amazing things with the Instant Pot, and there’s an entire ecosystem of cookbooks and recipe sites that cater to users of the machine.

At the time of writing, you can grab an Instant Pot for just $59.99 on Amazon. As a foodie, I can’t recommend this deal enough.

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Published July 14, 2019 — 16:26 UTC

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