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Change Your Gambling Experience at CryptoGames!



In this era of digital advancements, people from around the world have taken interest in online entertainment platforms more than ever before. So, instead of relying on yet another mainstream media, several people are seeking out online casinos to pass their leisure time and spend some of their earnings.

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And with the arrival of the promising cryptocurrencies, the online casino scenes have turned up to impress any fervent thrill seeker. Almost all the cryptocurrencies available on the internet today are trying to offer accessibility, security, low cost, and security for transactions.

They also aim to become the next big element in the financial system while also offering unbelievable profits in the long run. So, needless to say, the use of these cryptocurrencies in online casinos is going to be the biggest game-changer for the gambling industry.

Of the many existing cryptocurrency-based online casinos, CryptoGames has come to light for building a new standard in the community. From our gatherings, it is a completely trustworthy, online crypto gambling website that has won the uphill battle of providing constant security and unaltered entertainment. It is your next favorite destination to rightfully spend those crypto coins on!

What is CryptoGames Like?

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Giving up on the search of the perfect online crypto casino like half of the digital gamblers’ community, it seemed impossible to track down one crypto casino where we could find everything. But when we explored CryptoGames, we understood how it is still possible to thoroughly impress thousands of players with sheer consistency in service.

Their impenetrable security system ensures thorough data protection for your accounts, they also offer a swift and hassle-free transaction system of funds. Along with all of these, their thoughtfully curated list of games has hit the ball out of the park for a classic gambling experience. Read along to find out more about the casino.

Smooth and Edgy UI:

The casino has opted for a sophisticated and modern theme for its website outlook. The dark yet calming aesthetic is influenced by today’s modern casinos. CryptoGames has made sure that none of its players have to see any unwanted pop-ups or flashy nuisance. This means the overall architecture for the website is secured from the top.

The website’s neatly organized home page gives you all the information through the dedicated tabs. On the home page, you will also find links to their Blog, FAQ, and Play Now button on the top of the page. As you scroll down, you will see the tabs for the 9 games appear in front of you. When you click on them, these tiles will open a popup window where you can check out all the cryptocurrencies that can be used to play the games.

Registration Policy:

At CryptoGames, you can complete your sign-up procedure with the best straightforward registration process. Their registration process takes only a username to give you primary access to the casino. But for full access to the casino, full registration is a must. The casino also guarantees complete privacy for the players. It does not require you to provide any unnecessary personal information. CryptoGames also provides many choices for completing fund transactions. This means you will have full control over the deposits and withdrawal methods of your funds.

10 Promising Cryptocurrencies:

For any kind of exchange and transaction, these 10 cryptocurrencies can be used at any time:

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Monero, GAS, Dash and their newest addition Solana.

In addition to these, there is also PlayMoney, which is CryptoGames’ built-in test currency.

The test currency is earned through the Faucet feature. It is a reward system that starts at level 0. Players can increase their faucet levels every time they place a bet, refer friends, chat, and do regular activities. Higher faucet levels yield bigger rewards.

The unique list of Features:

· Chatbox: To lighten up the intense gambling ambiance at the casino, CryptoGames gathers all the players at their unique Chatbox feature! Here the players chat with each other while their bets are running. Some cool characteristics about the Chatbox are that,

– Different commands can complete many tasks.

– Players can send tips to one another using the chatbox.

– Share bets for the games are also possible among the players by using specific commands

– Regular active engagement in the chatbox helps to increase the player levels

– A user of any other language apart from English can interact with each other in the International channel.

· The Rainbot: To reward the active users of the chatbox, Rainbot is another reward giver for the active players. It hands out small amounts of cryptocurrencies to all the long-term contributors who have helped to build an engaging community inside the casino.

· Run Bets with the Auto Bet and Smart Hold Features: To make the overall gambling experience easy and complexity-free CryptoGames has added special features into their games to guide all levels of players. Placing bets and partaking in wagering competitions may require different strategies in every round. And this can raise a little stress for many novice gamblers. So to aid that, CryptoGames’ features, Auto Bet, and Smart Hold come in handy for the games. Although the features are only available for a few selected games, they can be accessed by any players on board.

The Auto Bet feature works by offering different options to customize bet limits, bet size, reward payouts, or how the game flow will be affected by balance change. This means it will automatically increase or decrease the number of bets, or even stop running the bets upon selected

conditions for balance change. And the Smart Hold feature works by suggesting the best possible hand for the players in the Video Poker game.

Highly Lucrative and Lightweight Games:

Now, about the main attraction at CryptoGames, its 9 exquisitely crafted modern casino games have all been inspired by the retro casino classics. Every single one of them is not only lightweight and modern, but they are also highly rewarding and exciting to play at any time of the day.

Dice (1.0 % House Edge): The first game at the casino offers a profitable range (0.000 – 99.999) of potential outcomes for all the players. It offers the players to choose their payout multiplier for each roll. However, the payout multiplier does leave an effect on the final payout amount.

Dice comes with the Auto Bet feature so; players can enjoy automated game time or even play manually. To win, simply choose between the two conditions that are displayed as soon as you have set up your bets. Carefully choose to either roll over or roll under conditions. If it’s a correct guess then, you win, and if it’s an incorrect prediction then you will lose your entire bet.

Roulette (2.7 % House Edge): The European variant of the game is played on a 37-number wheel where there is only one 0 and a ball. CryptoGames’ Roulette comes with a feature where the players can choose from four preset options of neighbor bets. The game begins as players stack their betting chips on the board. Once the neighbor bets and the chips are placed properly, the bet is finalized as soon as the “SPIN” button is hit. This will run the bet and get the wheel spinning. If the ball rotating on the wheel, reaches any of the neighbor bets or their slots, then the player wins. Otherwise, they lose.

Blackjack (1.25 % House Edge): With the simplest objective, Blackjack only requires you to score 21 from your draw of the first two cards. Or simply beat the hand of the house dealer by forming an even better one without exceeding 21. If the drawing of the first two cards forms a total of 21 the game will stop that instant and the player will earn his reward. Or else, the game will keep running until someone’s hand beats the other’s. Players can “Hit”, “Stand”, “Double”, “Split”, “Fold” to form their hands.

Minesweeper (1.0 % House Edge): The edgy version of Minesweeper is influenced by the classic version but with a twist. To up the difficulty level, this one doesn’t give any hints or display flags to locate the mines on the field. However, one of the most unique sides of CryptoGames’ Minesweeper, is that it lets all players to cash out the rewards at any point during the game, as long as they haven’t hit any mine. Needless to say, to earn the whole prize amount, all tiles on the minefield must be turned without hitting any mine.

Video Poker (2.09 % House Edge): Often compared with the Poker game, CryptoGames’ Video Poker is a bliss for all fervent gamblers. Its variants: Tens or Better, Jacks or Better, and Bonus Poker attracts their full attention by offering an exciting objective. To win the game, players must beat the house dealer’s hand. The Smart Hold feature we have mentioned above has been exclusively made for the game. The feature gives out suggestions that may just help the stressed players to form possibly winning combinations of cards. All three variations come with their own House Edges.

Jacks or Better- 2.11%

Tens or Better- 2.08%

Bonus Poker – 2.09%

Plinko (1.72 % House Edge): While many veteran gamblers know this one from the TV show, “The Price is Right”, novice gamblers know this as one of the most uncomplicated games to begin gambling with. Here in CryptoGames, Plinko has to be played using any colored ball (there are 4).

The color of the ball and the slot at the bottom of the pyramid will decide the final reward amount for the player. The objective of the game is as simple as it can get. Land in one of the rewarding slots at the bottom of the pyramid.

Slot (1.97 % House Edge): The OG game featured in almost all casino-related movies, is a five-reel casino classic game that is sometimes known as a beginners’ luck bringer. To win CryptoGames’ Slot, the player’s slot machine must show the winning combination of symbols or five 7s after each spin.

DiceV2 (1.0 % House Edge): It comes with a digitally curated design, that serves the latest expectations from the original Dice. This updated edition of DiceV2 in CryptoGames is fresh in terms of looks and objectives. Although the main concept of the objective is the same, the architecture. In this one, players must correctly an area on the green zone of the Slider.

After they choose to either roll over or under two specified numbers, their dice will supposedly roll on the slider. If they correctly choose the condition, their dice will fall on the correct area, otherwise, they need to get rolling again. The percentage for a player’s winning chance can be seen on the slider.

Lottery (0 % House Edge): The classic game of luck comes with a countdown timer for each one of the ongoing rounds. The total Pot, the number of tickets, and the prize amounts can help players to analyze their winning chance for all ongoing rounds.

Unlike the rest of the 8 games, CryptoGames’ Lottery can be played using the following cryptocurrencies:





The total number of available tickets, reward amounts, and their number of lots will depend on the currency. Since all the lots are drawn using a third-party app called RandomPicker, they are completely fair and unadulterated.

The Finest Casino for Everyone!

To cater to the curious crypto gamblers, CryptoGames has now come a long way in terms of up-to-date gambling service, thoroughly entertaining games, security measures, cryptocurrency availability, and amazing customer care. Their gambling policies not only ensure a safe environment for the users but also provide help for those in need.

They have consistently proved that the open and transparent infrastructure of a system can always bring more loyal users than any flashy unstable offerings. Therefore, in the sea of rising online casinos, to this date, thousands of online crypto gamblers are still loyal to the casino. Hence, if we were to recommend any trustworthy online crypto-based casino to you or our friends and family, CryptoGames will always be our top one.

Links of interest CryptoGames:

Links of interest CryptoGames: https://crypto.games/

Forum: https://forum.crypto.games/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CryptoGames/

Blog: https://blog.crypto.games/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Crypto_Games

BitcoinTalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=750760

Discord: https://discord.gg/Z6tD7kD

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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