ChainLink (LINK) is the Top Crypto Performer: Jumps 950% Since May


The crypto bull run for the majority of 2019 has been one of the biggest news pieces of the year so far, and while Bitcoin went on a run that mirrored the incredible rally from back in 2017, many other cryptocurrencies suffered in the meantime.

However, one of the notable exceptions in this regard has been ChainLink’s crypto token named LINK, which has enjoyed an impressive rally of its own until January.

ChainLink Jumps 950% in Two Months

Back in January, the LINK token had reached its all-time high of $1.50, but eventually, it retreated to $0.50 in May. However, over the past two months, the coin has gone on an astonishing bull run to go up by as much as 950%.


ChainLink has soared all the way from $0.55 in May to its new all-time high of $4.54 (on June 29, 2019).

Strong Fundamentals

Amidst the coin’s bull run, it is also necessary to have a look at some of the important news that could affect its price at a fundamental level. In a development that could have a significant effect not only on the LINK token but also on ChainLink as a company, the firm signed a partnership with tech giant Oracle that could have far-reaching consequences. The collaboration will help ChainLink assist startups to sell data to Oracle’s vast network of customers in as many as 175 nations. The total number of customers currently stands at 430,000.

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However, that is not all. Earlier in June, ChainLink signed an even bigger deal when it entered a partnership agreement with tech behemoth Google. The search engine giant is going to use ChainLink’s special expertise in order to bring in greater collaboration between its cloud-based services and its blockchains.

It goes without saying that a blockchain partnership agreement with Google is a significant deal for any company and particularly one that has its own cryptocurrency. After the news broke in the middle of June, the price of a LINK token soared to $1.95 at one point.

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