ChainGuardians Brings ‘Phygital’ Fashion to Life at New York Fashion Week



Blockchain Gaming Giant Looking to Bring Web3 Innovation to Fashion 

(New York, NY) September 8, 2022 — Many brands at this year’s New York Fashion Week will be dipping their well-heeled toes in the futuristic waters of the Metaverse. But few, if any, will offer the full “Phygital Fashion” experience of ChainGuardians.

The blockchain gaming giant will be presenting a virtual and real trip down the catwalk and into the metaverse as they unveil their Meta Street Wear collection, inspired by the ChainGuardians Superheroes, at the Nolcha Shows New York Fashion Week Web3 Edition. Favorite

As Web3 begins to amplify and expand the fashion space, ChainGuardians will showcase a new limited-edition line of “digital twin” clothing, featuring virtual immersion technology, that will allow you to wear the clothing in the real world and on an avatar in the Metaverse, as well as experience the vast array of utilities and experiences each item of clothing offers via NFT.

The entire collection, which is inspired by the extremely popular blockchain superheroes from their online RPG game, aims to capitalize on the popularity of in-game heroes by creating and offering Phygital fashions/digital twins that allow gamers to wear limited-edition clothing in real life that the heroes can also wear in the game.

“We believe it is not enough to just bring fashion into the Metaverse, it is time to create a bridge that delivers the vast utilities of the Metaverse directly into the fashion world,” said ChainGuardians co-founder, Emma Liu.

A pioneer in blockchain gaming and NFT mining, ChainGuardians is presenting a space and runway show that creates absolute synergy between the physical and digital fashion experience- – the cross section of wearable, shareable and collectible.

ChainGuardians will offer attendees a Virtual Reality area where they can immerse themselves in a 3D digital fashion world to virtually experience select items in the ChainGuardians Meta Street Wear line.

There will also be an Augmented Reality area that will allow attendees to interact with digital models wearing the ChainGuardians clothing via a QR code and take pictures of themselves with the models and the clothing itself. 

Finally, the ChainGuardians Runway show will introduce invite-only attendees to the Meta Street collection and showcase how certain limited-edition items in the line will offer owners an NFT, via NFC technology, rewarding them with a unique exclusive proof of ownership.

In the future, this NFT will also provide owners with exclusive opportunities to interact with the clothing through various activities and events in the Cryptoverse, ChainGuardians exclusive Metaverse.



ChainGuardians will showcase how the business of fashion can evolve and thrive in the burgeoning Web3 metaverse where entrepreneurs can build and launch virtual businesses with real world implications. ChainGuardians will also educate attendees on what NFTs offer the fashion world in terms of a new way to monetize and invest in fashion, while also protecting against counterfeits.

To bring their first venture into fashion to life, ChainGuardians formed a partnership with Playology International, PowerStation Studios and Portman Street, respective experts in the merchandising, creative and E-commerce spaces, to assist in developing their unique New York Fashion Week presence.

About ChainGuardians

ChainGuardians is a team of trailblazers, visionaries and technological superheroes dedicated to unleashing the power of blockchain through the creation of imaginative, innovative and original experiences that weave Web3, NFT and Metaverse utilities. By working with brands to drive mass market adoption of blockchain, ChainGuardians is pushing the boundaries of conventional entertainment, media, art and fashion. But that’s just the tip of the consumer universe ChainGuardians will reinvent. By fostering the adoption of the vast opportunities the Metaverse ecosystem can offer users well beyond gaming, ChainGuardians is poised to break through the technological and ideological barriers of the physical world to deliver the future economies of business the Web3 Metaverse will offer, changing the way we buy, sell, trade and share ideas, goods and information. For more information please visit: / /


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