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Cannabis and Real Estate in the METAVERSE…We talk to a Expert in both Fields- Ryan George of 420 Property


The Cannabis and Real Estate industries seem like strange bedfellows. But recently we caught up with Ryan George real estate & cannabis industry expert and Founder/CEO of 420 Property.

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Ryan talked to us about his company 420 Properties and how they are preparing for the real estate and cannabis boom in the Web3/Metaverse space. With celebrities like Snoop Dogg buying lots

and homes in the Metaverse, it has become a hot area of growth for both Cannabis and real estate investors. 420 Property is the most comprehensive real estate directory in the world offering FREE

property listings, professional listings, and cannabis real estate financing.


                                                                                         Ryan George CEO of 420 Property

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1.       What will be the new avenues that Cannabis growers and marketers will have in a Web3/Metaverse setting?

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Web3 in general offers some exciting business management opportunities to the cannabis industry including the use of blockchain technology for inventory management, tracking, and control, counterfeit good control, and overall quality control.

From the marketing side of things, the Use of NFT’s to gain early or exclusive access to cannabis brand products or promotional items has not yet been widely adopted but I expect this to be one of the next big things to happen in cannabis.

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2.       Will conglomerates like Meta coming into and maybe dominating the Web3/Metaverse bring more scrutiny for Cannabis entrepreneurs?

To some extent, Yes. The metaverse has not yet been widely adopted and crypto, in general, is not yet regulated in the US. I believe once the metaverse reaches mass adoption and cryptos are regulated, this will trigger further regulatory measures on the cannabis industry, specifically targeting illegal activities and protecting children.

3.       Do you see a day when companies will be able to set up stores and sell Cannabis ‘flowers’ on the Metaverse?

Possibly. I believe this in the immediate future could be a possibility for delivery services that are able to geo-target metaverse users and make their store available to only those users.

I believe in order to have a general cannabis store for all metaverse users the industry would need federal cannabis legalization and a legal way to ship cannabis goods.

4.       Do you see big Metaverse stars like Snoop Dogg as an ally, in cannabis’s move into the Metaverse?

I believe snoop is already in the Metaverse, it’s just a matter of time before he brings his favorite pastime with him. 😊


5.       Why do you feel the Metaverse offers more marketing opportunities for Cannabis companies and marketers?

The metaverse will be another point of contact with the consumers and just from that perspective alone, I think we will see marketing experts flock to it and try to capitalize on what it has to offer. Additionally, Web3 in general will eventually offer marketers a more efficient way to interact with and reward their loyal customers.

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6.       What do you see the growth pattern becoming for the Cannabis industry in the Metaverse?

The growth pattern is not really quantifiable at the moment since the metaverse is still somewhat in its infancy, however, if mass adoption is reached, we will see exponential growth in companies selling all goods in the metaverse—not just cannabis.

7.       Do you think cannabis people or the general public sometime in the future buy land and grow virtual Marijuana crops in the Metaverse.

I believe there are already a couple of NFT and crypto gaming companies working on this but it’s only for gaming and leisure purposes.

8.       Can a person smoke Marijuana in the Metaverse?

Physically, no—but they could visit an area of the metaverse that offers an interactive smoking experience.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.