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Candao Set to Launch its Entry Token,


Pre-sale will Commence on March 20

Candao emerges as a new decentralized social platform in the Web3 space. The project announces its entry token pre-sale soon to go live on March 20, 2023.

Candao, a user-friendly decentralized social networking platform with a broad range of features and services, is pleased to announce its native token ($CDO) entry to go live on March 20, 2023.

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Candao’s pre-sale provides an opportunity for users to pre-order Candao tokens, enabling them to take their place on the platform at an earlier time. Candao token is specially designed for the decentralized social media platform.

Candao ushering in the new age of development in Web3 space

Clients interest in Candao is growing as a result of the new development, which addresses the decentralized nature of the platform and safe data storage for users. The architecture of Candao’s decentralized social media platform is designed in a way that it promotes content creators. By receiving rewards, users who share their content using the Candao token can acquire significant influence on the network.

Candao provides users with a structure where they can create their own tokens within the platform. Users are allowed to build an in-value transfer mechanism using the Candao token. Moreover, users can tokenize their skills and conduct transactions by exchanging barter services, company shares or tokens.

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Moreover, Candao is an emerging innovative social network protocol that offers a range of cutting-edge features including NFT collections, encrypted messages and much more.

Due to its decentralized structure and financial incentives provided to users through the adoption of the Candao token, it appears that Candao will take a significant position in the competition in the social media industry.

About the Project – Candao

Candao is a well-established decentralized social media platform that is a secure storage of users’ data which makes it different from others. The platform opens its doors and shares all benefits with users through a revolutionary system.

Users can create a social identity, a group profile, and group tokens with Candao. The goal is to create a network where individuals with similar social and corporate ideologies can come together to inspire, engage, and cultivate aspirations.

Furthermore, potential partners and cryptocurrency enthusiasts interested in Candao can visit the project’s official website, or read the whitepaper for more details.


Temporary access code: HZm6XXNHsU

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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