Building an Immersive & Accesible Metaverse-A Glimpse into the MetaBlaze Web3 Project

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MetaBlaze is Building an immersive and accessible Metaverse— MetaBlaze unites crypto enthusiasts through its multifaced ecosystem designed for gamers, non-gamers. Web 3 blockchain technologies are set to revolutionize how people experience video games with NFTs (non fungible tokens), metaverse features like lands or play2earn that allow players earn for engagement; these innovations have already shown promise in Square Enix’s business model as well!

Web3, blockchain, and metaverse technologies are set to revolutionize how people experience video games. Despite the novelty of the GameFi sector, many prominent videogame studios already see potential in innovations like virtual land, play-to-earn, and NFTs. For instance, Square Enix and Sony have publicly said they are interested in adding various elements of Web3 into their business models.

A major reason game developers are going crazy over GameFi is that it provides impressive immersion for players. Metaverse platforms offer gamers an expansive arena to play, earn, and connect with friends. Also, thanks to NFT technology, gamers enjoy a unique sense of ownership over their avatars and virtual real estate.

MetaBlaze, the new Web3 company making its mark in the crypto world, aims to take advantage of all the immersive elements in Web3. Although MetaBlaze is primarily focused on creating a player-versus-player, play-to-earn metaverse. Where MetaBlaze differs, is through its diverse convergence of GameFi and DeFi; an ecosystem for the gamers and non-gamers alike.

Unlike many other GameFi projects, MetaBlaze aims to create an immersive experience both within and outside its platform. In other words, MetaBlaze wants gamers to have the flexibility to participate in other Web3 activities like DeFi. Even if people don’t want to play MetaBlaze’s signature game, they will find many ways to participate in this growing GameFi ecosystem.

MetaBlaze’s MBLZ token helps connect this metaverse platform with the broader crypto economy. As the primary reward currency on MetaBlaze, MBLZ will play a central role in incentivizing gamers to participate in quests and battles. MetaBlaze also promises to maintain the value of MBLZ for gamers with a special “buy & burn” mechanism. Whenever MetaBlaze’s AI system detects immense sell pressure on the open market, the protocol will automatically purchase a set amount of MBLZ and burn them from existence.

The AI-enabled price stability should make MBLZ an attractive token in the broader Web3 economy. Plus, since MBLZ will be available on Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain by late 2022, token holders could easily swap, stake, and yield farm on some of the hottest DeFi dApps. For instance, passive investors could still take advantage of the MetaBlaze ecosystem by participating in liquidity pools on Pan0cakeSwap or Uniswap. MetaBlaze believes the accessibility of the MBLZ token will help people naturally take part in the project.

MetaBlaze is now gearing up for the public launch of its MBLZ tokens on PancakeSwap, but interested investors can still get in on the ground floor with the MBLZ token presale. Nearly $3,000,000.00 USD raised to date, this presents the final opportunity for investors to acquire $MBLZ before its PancakeSwap Launch. Buyers receive a 5 percent bonus in $MBLZ tokens per transaction and avoid DEX taxes and Gas Fees. Those who wait till MBLZ launches on PancakeSwap won’t enjoy any of these presale perks.

To participate in the final MBLZ token presale can sign up on here or visit

Building an Immersive & Accesible Metaverse-A Glimpse into the MetaBlaze Web3 Project 1

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