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BNB Chain Rolls Out Advanced Multi-Signature Wallet

Walter Swift

ByWalter Swift

Oct 31, 2023

BNB Chain has unveiled BNB Safe{Wallet}, a robust multi-signature wallet service. Leveraging the trusted Gnosis Safe protocol, this cutting-edge feature is now available to users on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and opBNB networks.

Harnessing Gnosis Safe for Enhanced Security

Tapping into the Gnosis Safe protocol, BNB Chain’s BNB Safe{Wallet} sets a new standard in digital asset protection. Gnosis Safe, renowned for its stringent security protocols, offers intricate access control mechanisms and an advanced transaction logic system.

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A pivotal feature of this service is its multi-owner capability, providing an added security shield by mandating multiple authorizations for wallet transactions.

BNB Chain’s  Advanced Asset Protection

BNB Safe{Wallet} places users at the forefront, granting them the power to tailor security settings. From designating owner accounts to determining the requisite confirmations for transaction approvals, users are in total control.

Initiating the BNB Chain multi-signature wallet service requires users to establish a Safe. Gnosis Safe, a cross-network protocol, provides decentralized asset custody and management on various platforms, such as Ethereum, zkSync, Arbitrum, and the BNB Smart Chain, among others.

With its web3-compatible tool, the Safe Wallet, Gnosis Safe not only amplifies asset security but also streamlines interfacing with the expanding DeFi and web3 universe, fostering collaborative asset management.

A History of Security Challenges

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The BNBChain has found itself in the crosshairs of cyber attackers multiple times over recent years, questioning the resilience of its security protocols. Prominent breaches, such as the Vyper Copycat Exploit in July 2023, exploited weaknesses in the Vyper programming language, leading to significant cryptocurrency heists.

Further aggravating concerns, an October 2022 assault on Binance (BNB) witnessed adversaries exploiting frailties in the BNB network, resulting in massive financial setbacks. Another incident in September 2023 saw hackers, previously responsible for a $41 million heist from Stake casino, making away with a staggering $328 million in BNB and Polygon (MATIC) tokens.

Such repeated security lapses underline the pressing requirement for reinforced protective measures in the network.

With the launch of the BNB Safe{Wallet}, BNB Chain expresses its commitment to fortifying its digital bastions. As mentioned in a recent BNB Chain blog post, this innovation endeavors to offer users a secure haven for their digital valuables, seeking to restore confidence amidst the tumultuous crypto arena.

BNB Chain’s Dual Approach

In an ambitious push towards enhancing decentralized data storage, the BNB Chain also recently announced its recent developments around ‘Greenfield’. Preliminary stress testing showed promising results, with uplink bandwidths of Greenfield reaching 30M/sec and downlink rates touching a whopping 300M/sec.

The platform’s potential, however, isn’t merely in its bandwidth capabilities. Greenfield offers integrated access control, enabling users to define access permissions before their data is stored off-chain – backed by extensive redundancy systems.

In the light of the new developments and the BNB Safe{Wallet} launch, it’s evident that while BNB Chain is zealously expanding its offerings, it’s also doubling down on fortifying its digital infrastructure, aiming to regain user trust and ensure the ecosystem’s security.

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