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Op-Ed: Political Debate and NFTs: A Perfect Match

  Ideally, politics is a forum shaped by public participation. Candidates for office unveil their vision to the public, debates take place, and policies are shaped as the concerns of...
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Metaverse Real Estate

How to Buy Metaverse Real Estate

Metaverse has been a buzzword in the tech and business world for a while, with good reason. It is a new and decentralised blockchain-based technology. It promises to revolutionise many...
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Fashion, blockchain

Blockchain in the Fashion Industry

Blockchain technology is already making its mark in the fashion industry. The potential of blockchain to change the fashion industry is evident, and in the coming years, we will see...
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Op-Ed: Acknowledging the Trust Fallacy Surrounding KYC Verified Accounts

  There’s no doubt in the minds of financial organizations and anti-laundering regulators that Know Your Customer (KYC) verified accounts prevent fraudulent activity– and that’s exactly the problem. In the...
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Op Ed: How Retailer’s are Leveraging the Metaverse to Build Brand Communities

The Metaverse is enabling brands of any size to create the digital storefront of their dreams, where imagination is the only boundary to design. For example, Nicole Tiedemann, Founder of...
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Blockchain inFashion

Op Ed: Why the Blockchain is the Future Real Estate

The two primary characteristics of real estate assets are their heterogeneity and immobility. Because of these two factors, the market for buying real estate tends to be illiquid, localized, and...
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Can Your Financial Advisor Teach You Cryptocurrency?

    Cryptocurrency has brought about some major changes in how financial transactions are carried out. It allows people to send and receive digital currencies from wherever they are without...
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Op Ed: Is the Metaverse Halal? Understanding the Islamic Perception on Web3

  The metaverse has been one of the most trending buzzwords across industries this year. The hype was ignited by social media giant Facebook when the company decided to rebrand...
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Do You Need to Study Math to be the Best Cryptanalyst?

  Introduction For those unfamiliar with the term, cryptanalyst derives from Greek. It loosely translates as “code interpreter”. A good cryptanalyst should have a natural gift for noticing patterns, which...
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Bad Astro Society

Op Ed: Making Space Available to Everyone Through Crypto

Cryptocurrency has turned finances and investing on its head. The popularity of cryptocurrency and NFTs have opened up financial options for more people and given them access to opportunities once...
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