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Async Art and NFTO ONE United for NFT Network


NEW YORK, June 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — With the increasing influence of NFT in the entire cryptocurrency and mainstream fields, Async Art is pleased to announce that it will hold a joint press conference on June 7, 2021 to announce its cooperation with NFTO ONE. NFTO ONE The NFTO coin protocol is dedicated to making decentralized digital goods a native element of the network.

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NFTO will build a prototype on the Async Art network and introduce “smart” NFTs, which will be an upgrade in the emerging NFT field. NFTO’s NFTs will operate at a more sophisticated level.

Compared with traditional NFTs, they will provide creators with a continuous flow of value and income. Compared with traditional and one-sided NFTs, NFTO NFT is smart, programmable and autonomous. It provides creators with more control over their consumption patterns and reduces unnecessary restrictions. fto enables small businesses to create their own non-encrypted NFT mall and supports NFT to easily distribute NFT and detect counterfeit/similar content for copyright purposes; it provides a low-cost mobile platform for NFT collectors.

At present, the economic model of content creation is very linear, and the efficiency of royalties, donations and sponsorships, IP, and DRM is very low. They cannot allow creators to be rewarded for the continued influence of their work.

With the NFTO NFT built on Async Art, creators can enjoy a continuous income stream based on verifiable interactions and use their NFT in digital goods networks.

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NFTO allows ecosystems and microeconomics to emerge around the creation of NFTs. Mature communities, cooperative plans, and sub-tokens can be imported into these NFTs through “policies”. These policies are designed to enrich the functions of NFTs in a safe and reliable way, and from the liquidity of the general reserve (the token $NFT of the NFTO network) benefit from it. Conlan Rios, co-founder of Async Art, said:

“The rapid acceptance of NFT by the mainstream fully demonstrates people’s demand for digital goods. However, this field has only just started, and there is still a lot of potential. We are excited about what NFTO can do. Their mission of liberating creators needs to be established in the NFT field as soon as possible.

NFTO aims to free creators from the constraints of the current NFT paradigm. Today’s NFTs are like static, predefined files. Even the most advanced NFTs are just rigid boxes with extra space. The author’s creative potential will not be released by encapsulating it, and a pile of boxes cannot be counted as composability. This is why we have to establish an agreement to achieve a rich, dynamic, and fluid digital structure, and take shape according to the wishes of the creator. NFTs on NFTO are not just tokens, they are a whole micro world. Let’s build a world and put it in our wallet.” NFT has awakened a new way of digital content creation, but based on current technical barriers, the market and economic model are still quite primitive. Async Art hopes to lead a smarter and more practical NFT era through NFTO, and let the value flow back into the hands of creators, so that they can continue to focus on doing what they do best.


Media Contact

Company: NFTO Ltd.

Contact: Yan Samton

Telephone: +1 24 020 200

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.nfto.one/

Address: 3901 Mutton Town Road, Silverdale, Washington

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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