Appealing In-App And Push Notifications Dominate Mobile Web Design Trends

Currently, web design trends are changing rapidly. In that context, many developers are creating new apps trying to tap into the growing mobile-user markets. On the other hand, users find it hard to remember what apps they have installed on their devices. Push notifications and in-app notifications help the service providers deliver timely and relevant data and information to users.

These notifications enable app services to stay on top of the users’ minds. One thing that resonates with mobile users more than the timely push notifications is creative push notifications. The messaging channels and the professional mobile teams strive to fit engaging content into limited space of a push notification.

In most cases, push notifications are considered to be disruptive, invasive annoyance. Notifications sometimes may come at annoying and inappropriate times. They may also offer irrelevant information and they seem impersonal to the recipient.

However, push itself is not the problem but the way it is being used by many mobile apps is the challenge. The marketers making the mistakes hurt their capabilities of reaching and retaining users. In some cases, up to 60% of app users turn push notifications off permanently.

Push Notification

Notifications primarily are a method of alerting users to information and publications that they have opted-in to from various app services. They feature almost all possible use cases and types of services. They even spread to other communication mediums like SMS, email, and VoIP.

Developers can use these push notifications to attract and retain more of their mobile users. But, they need to know the best practices of achieving it. For these notifications to keep users engaged, they need to be timely. The user’s location, behavior, or preference triggers the notification.

Also, it needs to be personal and customized. The content sent by the developer to the user must be appealing to the recipient as an individual. Experts advise that the push notification should also be actionable. In this case, it should make it clear what the user should do next.

In-App Notifications

They are also referred to as in-app messages. These are the messages that pop up while a user is in an app. The In-app notifications appear as full-screen pop-ups or small overlays. The developer styles them to fit into the app’s user interface.

The content of these notifications varies considerably. Some may request the user to rate the app while others may even ask users for push notification opt-ins. Just like the case with the push notifications, personalization is a crucial factor that can make the notifications a success.

Since they somewhat determine the success of an app, these notifications should be designed interactively and delightfully. That way, the user does not feel irritated and turn off all notifications for the ecosystem that the developer designed.

In-app notifications can best be designed through a trial and error method using A/B testing. That way, developers can present the best and most engaging content to the large and ever-growing volume of users.

The A/B testing method enables the developer to supercharge their app’s performance by navigating volume and other significant constraints on the tests. It also helps in the setup process to maximize impact and learning in the app-development stage.

Also, the testing method provides practical advice to leverage real-world use cases that enhance and extend knowledge on how the app will operate once it goes into the real world. The developer will also test and determine the best way to design an in-app notification with multiple variables including the promotion messages and call-to-action types.

Creating A Great Notification Message

Developers are telling users that their input is invaluable in these notifications to catch and retain their attention. Through this strategy, the users feel like insiders and keep on coming back and eventually become loyal clients. They also pique curiosity and ensure that the recipients attain their goals through these messages.

The most effective notifications are those that create a sense of urgency and remind users to complete an action. Through this method, the app becomes interactive and simultaneously attractive increasing the user base. Also, conversational notifications encourage users to keep on interacting with the app.

A concise, informative, interactive, and clear notification message is guaranteed to keep users on the app since it is not annoying. Thus, the developers that get it right with these notifications enjoy ever-growing success rates.

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