• Sun. Dec 10th, 2023

5 Skills That Will Guarantee a 6-Figure Salary at Meta



It hasn’t been long since Metaverse has become mainstream, but it has been on everyone’s mind due to its compelling technology and convenience. Experts say that it will generate approximately $13 trillion by 2030 across businesses. Learning the skills to acquire a job at Meta will be beneficial for you. 

Metaverse is a newly born platform, and we need to predict how much it will grow and perform when it gets popular enough to start working in the big fields. One thing is confirmed: Metaverse is revolutionary and will change the regular working routine for thousands. So, it will require as many people as possible, so its functions keep going as the company moves forward. We have gathered a list of the top skills that will help you secure a job at Meta.

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Computer Programming

This one is obvious. Metaverse aims to provide its users with functionalities that do not require coding, so you will have to develop programs with low-code or no-code worldbuilding properties like Roblox or Somnium Space. For the user’s to experience the most out of the metaverse tech, you have to develop those tools so that they get to have a seamless and immersive experience. For metaverse development, those who have cutting-edge skills are always welcome.

NFT and Blockchain Development


Metaverse is based on the concept of decentralization, for which the programming of Blockchain technology is required. The uniqueness of the digital assets makes Metaverse stand apart from others. The inclusion of Blockchain tech will create decentralized and shared infrastructures, which will be further used to construct worlds that are entirely owned by the owners instead of the ones who are making it and the ones behind the servers. If you have the crucial skill to make these structures of web 3, then you should rush for a job opportunity at Meta.

Project Management

Metaverse is an enormous structure requiring leading people to control its departments and keep things organized. It is crucial to manage and steer teams through the process. You will have to make quick decisions and find solutions to problems that happen abruptly because you cannot risk letting any server down for long as it might end up losing millions of bucks. So, if you have what it takes to work fast and make decisions for Meta, go for this opportunity.

Cyber Security

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Another essential skill requirement. As all of the people’s data is on the blockchain network, which is online, security breaches will happen more often now. Many people will be required to safeguard the servers and check whether the security walls are functioning. This is an essential part of the Metaverse as people’s life savings will be stored on the networks.

3D Modelling & Designs

Metaverse is an immersive technology that provides its users with 3D characters which will act as their avatars so that they can roam around the digital world. To make these avatars and create an environment that is sensitive to motion, many skills are required so that the user gets a fantastic and life-like experience. This job is all yours if you can contribute to making exceptional characters.


You will have to get in-depth knowledge about Meta and have these skills to know how you will do your work. The digital world requires the same skills as the real world but a different mindset because this technology is new and different from any other tech. You had to be bitcoin smarter to survive in the crypto world; the same is required for the Metaverse.


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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.