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4ARTechnologies Announce 4ART Coin Brings to BITRUE and CRYPSHARK


For Staking and Listing

4ARTechnologies brings 4ART Coin to more users than ever before.

 4ARTechnologies has announced that 4ART COIN brings to BITRUE and CRYPSHARK for Staking and Listing. Bitrue, one of the top 15 cryptocurrency exchanges released in 2018 that provides comprehensive and secure digital asset management through a simplified, user-friendly interface will listing 4ART Coin, $4ART/USDT at 10:00 AM UTC on Friday, April 22. In addition to this news, the company has released a new listing and staking news on Crypshark.

  • 10.00 UTC – April 22: Trading begins
  • 10.00 UTC – April 22: Withdrawal begins

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Starting from 16 April 2019, the most popular art standard payment project 4ART Coin- 4ART (USDT) will make their debut on the Crypshark exchange. See below for the detailed schedule:

2022 April 16 – 11.00 am UTC: Direct purchase 4ART via Sepa/credit card

2022 April 19 – 11.00 am UTC: Staking while “stocks” last

2022 April 28 – 11.00 am UTC: Orderbook C2C trading

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Likewise the token exchange, i.e. the purchase of 4ART with USDT / Fiat.

Key data staking 4ART Coins:

  • 50 million pieces can participate

(While stocks last)

  • Prerequisite is the token Gen20

(The exchange is easy and quick)

  • Transfer to the exchange

(Personalized 4Art Wallet)

  • Lock token — Use staking

(Accessible directly via the wallet)

  • Rewards are paid monthly

(Bonus tokens are freely available)

Period & Reward

1 month: 0.5%/m

6 months: 1.0%/m

12 months: 3.0%/m

18 montsh: 4.0%/m

24 months: 5.0%/m

With the new listings, 4ART Coin will leverage Bitrue’s and Crypshark’s global scale, resources, and existing strong audience. Leveraging the accessibility of Bitrue and the Crypshark platform stands to make 4ART even more functional and seamless for new users, professionals and anyone who wants the best possible cryptocurrency experience.

4 ART Team added the following words, “In addition to the upcoming stock market listings, we have many more developments and announcements planned in the coming weeks as a lot of work has been done behind the scenes.”

Social Links:

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/4ARTCoin

Telegram: https://t.me/fourartcommunity

Twitter: https://twitter.com/4artcoinnft

Instagram: https://instagram.com/4artcoin

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.