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XchangeOn-the Arbitrator of Crypto Exchanges Going Live

LONDON, Oct. 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Innovation Factory’s crypto trade and exchange service, XchangeOn is in the final test phase and the firm will soon announce its launch date. XchangeOn is set to be one of the most powerful crypto trade-oriented platforms.

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With the emergence of crypto currencies at a rapid pace, the crypto space also welcomed numerous crypto exchange platforms. Mainly, these exchange platforms provide peer-to-peer and various other mainstream trading features for crypto currencies. The entire crypto space has been a race between crypto currencies, exchange platforms and decentralized projects. Similar to crypto currencies, the exchange platforms have also been battling each other for the lead. However, it evidently seems as if XchangeOn will simply outperform them all with its extravagant range of trading options and 2 unique new features in this niche.

XchangeOn will by default, launch with the basic trading options such as spot trading, margin trading, copy trading and a P2P marketplace. But, developed by Innovation Factory, it ought to have something more. Innovation Factory is less focused on competing with the already available crypto solutions, and more inclined towards designing solutions beforehand for the needs that will arise in the future. This is what the firm has clearly portrayed on XchangeOn.

NFTs have become the next big thing in the Blockchain space. NFT carriers and developers have gained overnight success and made millions in a blink of an eye. As one of the hottest new crypto elements, XchangeOn will feature NFT trading as well. This will allow traders to swiftly trade their NFTs. The built-in wallet and infrastructure of XchangeOn will support a secure NFT asset management and trade.

With so many crypto exchanges out there, it is a common observation that the prices of crypto currencies across various exchanges may vary a bit. If an asset or crypto currency is bought at a lower price from one exchange, there is an opportunity that users may be able to sell them instantly at a better price on another exchange. Although various exchanges might have varying prices, yet the windows of these price differences are extremely acute. By the time a user buys from one exchange, transfers to his/her wallet, login to the other exchange, transfer them to new exchange and then try to sell, the price would have caught on. This option can be efficiently utilized with XchangeOn through its Arbitrage Trading feature.

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The Arbitrage Trading features is the unique selling point of XchangeOn. The platform acts as an arbitrator between you and other exchanges, allowing you to swiftly buy from one exchange and sell at another, through the XchangeOn account itself. This feature is a massive new addition to the crypto exchange industry. And it will revolutionize the trading experience. With XchangeOn’s Arbitrage Trading, users can easily yield profits within the acute window of price distinction between multiple exchanges. XchangeOn will be offering a “One account, Multiple exchanges” model for its Arbtirage Trading feature.

To further facilitate the traders on XchangeOn, the platform has a very attractive Affiliate Program. XchangeOn members will be rewarded with 100% trading fees generated by their referrals for the first 30 days, for each referral. Once this time period is complete, XchangeOn members will continue to receive 25% of the trading fees generated from their referrals. This amazing affiliate program will generate a massive traffic and result in exponential growth of the XchangeOn community.

Innovation Factory has already developed this power-house crypto exchange platform and the firm is expected to announce its launch in the first half of October, 2021. Crypto investors and traders are already anticipating its arrival with astonishing excitement.

About Innovation Factory:

Innovation Factory is a Fintech startup that design and develop innovation financial solutions for the Blockchain industry. It has already initiated a project-wise release of its newly designed ecosystem that comprises of the magnificent BFIC blockchain, the Native BFIC coin, NFT projects, Trading and Exchange Projects, Investment Projects and numerous other DeFi projects for revolutionizing the crypto space.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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