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Wildcard to Integrate with Polygon

Upcoming 80s-themed ‘play-to-earn with NFTs’ project to integrate Polygon as a layer-2 blockchain solution

Miami, Florida, March 31, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Single and multiplayer 1v1, play-to-earn battle-style collectible card game (CCG), Wildcard (Wildcard Play To Earn, LLC), has listened to its users and community by confirming its decision to join the Polygon network.

With 1,383 partners already on the platform, this move will offer gamers and play-to-earn enthusiasts further flexibility and choice in how they engage in the Wildcard universe. On top of that, partnering with an established power player in the market will open the game up to a wider, more diversified audience.

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Boasting over 3 million daily transactions, more than 130 million unique users, and 7,000 plus decentralized apps (dApps), Polygon features a user-friendly interface in addition to extremely low minting and transaction fees.

The decentralized scaling platform acts as a framework for building interconnected blockchain networks. It’s a “Layer 2” or “side chain” scaling solution, running in tandem with the Ethereum blockchain.

Acting as its own protocol, users can bridge— i.e. transfer tokens or data from one chain to another— their crypto holdings onto the Polygon network, and engage with a variety of crypto applications, like Wildcard, from there.

By setting up a bridge between Polygon, custom-built blockchain Phantasma, and open-source smart contract platform Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Wildcard token (WCT) holders will be able to conveniently and quickly transfer their tokens onto the Polygon network.

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Players and NFT collectors will be able to choose whether to purchase Wildcard’s smart NFTs through either Phantasma or Polygon. Users can additionally choose which chain they wish to mint on during gameplay. Wildcard also plans to set up a bridge allowing for seamless NFT transfers between platforms in the future.

“The whole Wildcard team is incredibly grateful for and proud of the community that we have built in such a short amount of time. Hearing their thoughts, ideas, and feedback pushes our project forward in a real way. Our integration with Polygon is no exception, and we are excited to offer players more options within the Wildcard framework,” comments Jasper van Ravenzwaaij, COO.

To connect to the Polygon network, all interested parties will need is a compatible wallet that is holding cryptocurrency, and MATIC, Polygon’s native cryptocurrency to cover fees. As little as one USD will suffice, as fees are fractions of a cent and transactions are practically instant.

To push the play-to-earn envelope even further, Wildcard is gearing up to offer integration options similar to Fortnite, where you are not bound to 1 system or also chain in Wildcards case

The team looks forward to continuously generating industry-leading opportunities within the skyrocketing GameFi market.

For more on the Wildcard project and its developments, please visit the game’s official Twitter or Discord:

https://twitter.com/wildcardp2e   https://wildcardgame.io/discord-sign-up/

About Wildcard

Wildcard is a single and multiplayer 1v1 play-to-earn collectible card game (CCG). Bringing gaming back to its retro roots, players don’t just earn bragging rights when they beat their opponents— they earn cryptocurrency.

Revolutionizing play-to-earn gaming through its NFT cards with randomized art and randomized character mechanics— a first in the market— and defying one-click-and-done battle game norms, Wildcard is committed to creating a gaming experience that exudes style, substance, and singularity.

Players are transported back in time to a snoozy 80s shopping center when a sudden powerful beam of magical green energy descends from the heavens.

As animals from the pet shop are sucked into glowing, cocoon-like orbs along with random, run-of-the-mill objects, they emerge transformed as supernaturally fused creatures called Nemots— with special abilities and the burning desire to battle from dusk until dawn.

With over 1.8 million Nemot combination possibilities— including 53 animals, 50 items, and over 50 extras, each Nemot is quite literally one-in-a-million.

For further information on Wildcard, including interviews with the project founders and with early access to play the game, please contact: [email protected]


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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.