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What’s Behind the LIVETRADE PROJECT and the Idea to Democratize Investment?

The project introduces new concepts that quickly capture the attention of the community and get praised by a famous U.S. Shark Tank investor, marking several notable milestones and pushing the token’s value to 40 times higher after two months.

LEWES, Del., Aug. 26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — LiveTrade Token (LTD) is minted and utilized on Binance Smart Chain (BEP20 standard) and KardiaChain (KRC20 standard) with thousands of holders at the time of writing. The token was publicly offered to the community at the end of June with an initial cap of only $100K. The current market cap has increased 50 times to roughly $5.5M for 55M tokens in circulation on both chains.

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LTD is the core of LiveTrade’s ecosystem where it can be used as a payment unit for services and transaction fees or for access to premium features. The ecosystem was established with the goal to connect investors and businesses from both conventional and digital financial markets. Its main products include the Digital Initial Private Offering (DIPO) model, LiveTrade App – a commission-free stock trading mobile application, Digital Asset Banking and a multichain DeFi platform. The idea of a micro capital stock trading app is considered a creative concept that will change the traditional market and even received congratulations from one of the most influencing investors of the generation – Daymond John from Shark Tank U.S.

LiveTrade is best known for the DIPO model, a financial solution for businesses and startup projects that allows raising capital by tokenizing real business and assets. A total of $30M has been raised for 9 projects, starting from December 2020. The company has been deploying the model on some of its partnering platforms and plans to expand the scope of operation. DIPO model encourages direct interaction between businesses and investors of all ranges of capital, fostering potential ideas and offering equal investment opportunities to everyone.

Another core service that the company offers is Digital Asset Banking, in collaboration with several centralized and decentralized platforms. This is by far an underexploited region, especially in Vietnam, and is expected to work as one of the levers for the growth of the cryptocurrency market worldwide. The service is one of the main resources of income of LiveTrade LTD since its establishment.

In addition, the company plans to launch an online stock trading mobile application with zero commission in the fourth quarter of 2021. The LiveTrade App utilizes blockchain technology to tokenize shares of major companies in Vietnam, allowing investment in the stock market with micro-capital. Its lean and simple interface helps everyone to easily learn and invest in the stock market. The launch of the LiveTrade App is also hugely anticipated by the Vietnamese public community. The idea of low-capital stock trading is triggering massive attention of the local media as well as large companies in the field of FinTech. The project has successfully connected with several Vietnamese strategic partners that are leaders in their respective operation fields. LiveTrade’s team also stressed that they would soon integrate U.S. stocks in their portfolio into the application.

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Furthermore, LiveTrade recently launched a multichain-based DeFi platform at dapp.livetrade.io, aiming to integrate both digital assets and tokenized stocks into a blockchain-based system. The DApp attracted a total value locked (TVL) of over $2.5M just 10 days after the launch. Some upcoming features that can be seen on the DApp are Lending and Repo that are introduced as financial tools for users to earn saving interest or get digital assets-based loans. New farming and staking pools are continuously added to the DApp, promising long-term benefits for holders. Many are expecting stock-earning pools from the project after the announcement of its investment portfolio in large Vietnamese and U.S. corporations.

The cryptocurrency market in Vietnam is in an explosive growth period. Increasing crypto holders, growing trading volume, as well as emerging high-quality projects, are the evidence for the potential of the market. This is also the cradle of some super-hot projects recently such as Axie, Coin98, Roseon, etc. which caught huge attention from the international community. LTD seems to be joining the race by continuously announcing its listing on several international exchanges supported by CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko as well as partnering DeFi platforms, showing the team’s effort to increase the liquidity and use cases for the token. Large-scale marketing campaigns targeting a large user base are being conducted, and it seems like the project is still running at its full speed.

More about LiveTrade LTD at livetrade.io.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.