What to know about-Trading Bitcoin Halving

Trading Bitcoin will heat up as Bitcoin halving nears

Everything You Need To Trade BTC before the Bitcoin Halving

With the Bitcoin halving coming up in just over two weeks, the sentiment of needing to accumulate the coin is growing. We’ll be taking a look at everything you need to trade BTC before the Bitcoin halving, so you can cash in on the practically inevitable bull run. First things first head over to the Bitcoin market page on eToro.

The “Feed” lets you know what other traders are thinking

The Feed page on eToro lets you know how other traders are getting in on BTC. This is valuable because it helps to get you out of your own Bitcoin bubble. Sometimes the noise from experts can feel pretty overwhelming, and it can be great to get the opinions of your peers. 

The BTC feed is made up of people’s trading movements, what they think about where the coin is going, trading tips, and questions.

The “Stats” page gives you a look at Bitcoin’s history, and where it could go

As expected, the Stats page on eToro gives you a look at the coin’s price movements over the years. You can look at a date range anywhere from 1 day, to a year, or even all time.

There’s also a section that looks at why you should consider trading Bitcoin, how you should trade it, and who should trade it (spoiler: if you’re considering trading crypto, trade Bitcoin). This page is valuable, as it allows you to gain insight into Bitcoin’s price over time, and potentially into the future. 

“Charts” gives insight into price movements and lets you see things your way

The Charts page allows you to look at Bitcoin’s price over time, from 1 minute to all time. You have the option of creating your own chart, and to view it as a candle graph, a bar chart, line chart, and more. 

If you’re looking to gain truly valuable insight into Bitcoin’s price, in a set period of time and within certain parameters, this is a fantastic tool. 

Research gives users heightened knowledge of Bitcoin’s background, price movements, and volatility

When it comes to looking at everything you need to trade BTC before the Bitcoin halving, research is vital. Unfortunately, the Research page is only available to deposited traders, so you’ll have to have some capital in your account. 

Still, this is arguably the most useful page of them all – eToro has really gone in-depth here, and you can gain some incredibly valuable information from it. 

Next time you trade Bitcoin, trade on eToro – the world’s leading social trading platform. 


We’re getting ready for the halving, are you?

With the halving just under three weeks away, it’s time that you take a look at everything you need to trade BTC before the Bitcoin halving. Each of these pages gives you deeper insight into the coin, it’s price movements, and it’s history. Want to be a better trader?

Take a look through eToro’s resources and discover what a leading social trading platform like this one can do for you. Trading has never been easier. 

Disclaimer: 75% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. Virtual currencies are highly volatile. Your capital is at risk.

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