WeWay Presents Augmented Reality and Creates a Community

 in the Find-to-Earn Game

DUBAI, UAE, Oct. 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — WeWay, a community-driven space for learning, earning and playing, launches its first Find-to-Earn game – MadBackpacks. WeWay has introduced augmented reality offering exciting possibilities to players.

MadBackpacks is a GPS game for finding and collecting coins. Users realise this task with a backpack that has various characteristics; it improves the search and simplifies the collection process. Players spend coins that they can collect in mini-games to upgrade the backpack characteristics. In addition, they can take part in challenges, move up the rankings and expand their influence in area control. MadBackpacks is a virtual reality that can be a harmonious addition to a daily routine. Thus, the players don’t have to distract from their main activities to play the game.

Unlike similar games, MadBackpacks puts the community first, which started to form before the official game launch.

Fuad Fatullaev, CEO of WeWay:

“It is more than just a synergy of Play-to-Earn and Move-to-Earn games: MadBackpacks is about socialising and team-playing. Players can divide into groups, earning more and controlling more expansive areas. People make friends in the game who share their interests and are on the same page. Socialising is the most significant value that helps users enjoy the game to the fullest.”

Apart from the game itself, social media has a high user engagement. People discuss the game on Instagram and other social platforms, share their ideas about what to anticipate, and participate in game creators’ activities. For instance, the first game testers and focus groups were from the amount of MadBackpacks subscribers.

Mad Backpacks special activities (such as in-game economy launch, first sale of NFTs and different brand challenges) are set to go live in Q4 2022 reaching global markets and customers all over the world.

About WeWay

WeWay is a community-driven space for learning, earning, and playing. The platform includes: WeAcademy (first learn-2-earn crypto academy), WePad (innovative IDO launchpad), and WeGames (socify games production).

Company’s token WWY is valid for all these directions: e.g., for Learn2Earn mechanism, staking or selling digital assets in WeWay’s game. Currently, Community Driven
 Web 3.0 Gaming is represented with Mad Backpacks, the most advanced CGI + AR Gaming.

WeWay has got a strong and active community across Eastern Europe and Latin America that continues to grow.

Social Links

Telegram Group Eng: https://t.me/MadBackpacks

Telegram Group Rus: https://t.me/MadBackpacks_ru

Telegram Channel Eng: https://t.me/mad_backpacks

Telegram Channel Rus: https://t.me/madbackpacksint

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BackpacksMad

Discord: https://discord.gg/madbackpacks

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mad_backpacks

Linktree: https://linktr.ee/madbackpacks

Medium: https://medium.com/@madbackpacks

About the author

Brent Dixon is the owner of E-Crypto News and an early adopter of cryptocurrencies. He is a Book editor- that has edited numerous books on Cryptocurrencies. He has been a writer for more than 30 years. Covering everything from Jazz Music to Blockchain Technology. He currently lives with his wife on Miami Beach, Fl.

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