Verie Announces a Traceable Anti-Counterfeiting Certificate for Brand Owners

 And Artists

HONG KONG, Aug. 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Verie, a leading e-commerce brand connecting reality and virtuality, has recently announced its traceable anti-counterfeiting certificate for brand owners and artists. Verie offers users the opportunity to claim the corresponding traceable anti-counterfeiting certificates mapped to authentic real-world goods.

With the development of new consumer industries and the integration of reality and virtuality, brand owners and creators are looking for ways to explore more digital economic gameplay in virtual reality. Under the wave of a new consumption era, a new blockchain platform has emerged to build a bridge between reality and the Metaverse virtual world.

Verie, the modern e-commerce and social art creation sharing platform, is driven by a unique blockchain technology that enables products to be traceable and anti-counterfeit. What’s more, it allows the cover of the traceable anti-counterfeit certificate to be designed as a virtual digital image and then distributed on the Verie platform or other social media to facilitate interaction among community members. Each traceable anti-counterfeiting certificate cover distributed in Verie corresponds to an authentic real-world product. According to Verie’s team, “The traceable anti-counterfeiting certificate corresponding to branded products is also a bridge and certificate to enter the digital world, which will help us to shuttle between virtual and reality.”

Verie links physical goods bought in real life to virtual space and integrates diverse essential elements of energy into the virtual life of Metaverse. The goods sold on the Verie platform are all brand-directed. Basically, all goods sold on the Verie platform must pass the Verie technical authentication to obtain an NFT appraisal certificate. Additionally, Verie issues traceable anti-counterfeiting certificates through the notes provided by the brand. The traceable anti-counterfeiting certificate (NFT) is also a voucher for Verie to connect people to the digital world. The cover of the certificate offers a virtual image for the goods on sale through notable designers and artists globally, which is then submitted for the community to vote on the final version of the virtual product image.

Using the Verie platform, brand owners and creators can unlock diverse opportunities such as:

  • The Verie platform has a complete physical boutique/fashionable product sales function. More so, it can publish the corresponding anti-counterfeiting traceability certificate (NFT) and the accompanying virtual image of the product, offering support for diverse digital art creations of the goods on sale, as well as assisting brand owners to enter a broader online virtual digital world.
  • Brand merchants such as independent creative brands, modern brands, and luxury brands can sell their products on the Verie platform and provide the cover of the traceability and anti-counterfeiting certificate for the trendy brand products.
  • Platform users can buy different kinds of high-quality goods on the Verie platform and can claim the corresponding traceable anti-counterfeiting vouchers that can be traded and receive the virtual image of the voucher cover in the window of their Verie account.

Brands can execute product marketing on the Verie platform as well as cooperate with Verie to launch different operational activities, like creating their brand stores, designing brand display spaces, virtual images of various products and their anti- counterfeiting traceability certificates through Verie Technology.

Verie is constantly looking to expand its footprint as it works towards onboarding more brands, IP images, and artists or independent creators worldwide. On the Verie platform, there will be sales of cultural and creative fashion boutiques, tens of thousands of virtual reality creations, virtual space props and many more. Ultimately, Verie’s anti- counterfeiting traceability certificate cover will provide support for various digital art creations, as well as facilitate the multi-dimensional interaction between brands and users.

About Verie

Verie is an emerging trendy e-commerce and community-based art creation sharing platform driven by blockchain technology.

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Company: Verie Group Limited

Contact: Aries Wang



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