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vEmpire launches Trading Card Game Involving Invasion of Metaverse

The two-player game involves a tug-of-war for power two sons of a former emperor, staunch enemies of each other

London, UK, Feb. 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain Wire) vEmpire DDAO, a project dedicated to restoring fairness to the Metaverse, today announced the launch of vEmpire: “The Beginning,” a blockchain-based two-player trading card game, that revolves around the expansion of a fictional empire by invading “decentraland,” a part of the metaverse and a tug-of-war for power between Romulus and Remus, two sons of a former emperor, staunch enemies of each other.

Romulus is a strong leader, who wins hearts with responsibility and promises of power and wealth. In contrast, Remus is sly and conniving, using underhand tactics to gain an advantage in a battle. While not as popular as Romulus, Remus cannot be bested easily in the long run.

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Players get to choose which faction that they would like to play as. They will then be automatically matched up with an opponent taking the opposite side. Each faction has up to 40 faction-specific cards, as well as 12 universal cards that belong to both factions. When preparing for battle, players must choose 25 cards from their deck, which will make up their “Legion”.

“Each brother has at his disposal an army, with troops who have unique abilities. Players can choose their soldiers for different scenarios to counter any advantage their opponent might have. Players can either take an “all-out” attack approach, and throw their strongest troops at their opponent to win through brute force, or use tactics to outplay opponents by strategically removing their key players and increasing the number of cards in hand,” Dom Ryder, Founder of vEmpire said.

“Players are required to choose a faction and back a brother to the end, seeing him to his rightful place as the new Emperor. Players have to invest their time and resources to train their army into an unstoppable force, to conquer the Metaverse.”

Each player is randomly assigned a hand of 15 cards from their Legion. The remaining cards go into their “Battle Deck”. Although players’ hands are dealt only 15 cards, some cards have abilities that enable players to dip into their Battle Deck, and access cards that they may not have been assigned in their original hand.

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A virtual coin is flipped at the start of the game and the winner of the coin toss gets to play the first card. Players then take turns to play their cards until either both players decide to end the round or run out of cards.

Although the objective is to win rounds, there are a total of three rounds to play. This means that players will need to keep cards in reserve for later rounds. If a player runs out of cards before the game finishes, they will forfeit the following rounds. At the end of each round, all cards on the battlefield are sent to each player’s respective discard pile and the following rounds are played with the cards remaining in the player’s hand.

For holders of any of the Founding Soldiers NFTs, when choosing their Legion, if a card is picked for which they own the NFT for, they will be able to take the NFT and visually replace the generic card in play. While owning the NFT of a respective card will provide in-game boosts, the significance of the boost will not be overpowered and strategy will still primarily dictate the winner. In-game boosts simply give players an edge in battle.

About vEmpire:vEmpire is focused on achieving true decentralization and holding DAOs accountable. Our official platform incorporates different staking strategies to incentivize Metaversal token staking to speed up the battle against centralization in the Crypto verse. Our protocol rewards MANA, SAND, AXS, STARL and ETH stakers with our native token VEMP, alongside rewards in the token that they staked. vEmpire allows crypto enthusiasts to earn financial rewards on their holdings while also helping contribute to ensuring the important crypto projects can realize their true potential instead of being used as cash cows by centralized entities.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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