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UltraSafe: The Innovative Community-Driven Frictionless Yield Protocol

 Built on BSC

LIVERPOOL, United Kingdom, July 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Recently, UltraSafe Global Holdings SRL has announced the launching of its newest platform, the innovative community-driven frictionless yield protocol built on BSC, investors can now safely invest their funds and earn passive income.

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According to the research, the decentralized finance (DeFi) crypto market cap is estimated at $57.77B at the time of writing. Statistically, it’s glaring that the DeFi sector is gaining a lot of traction as it continues to offer decentralized financial services with high yields to crypto investors.

The emergence of DeFi has not only provided crypto enthusiasts with a new way of investing and wealth management, but also the freedom to be in charge of their finances thereby eliminating intermediaries. However, considering the complexity of smart contract technology, existing and potential investors are falling prey to constant scams and rug-pulls.

UltraSafe is revolutionizing the DeFi space

UltraSafe is designed to offer top-notch security from both cyber attacks and rug-pulls. The UltraSafe contract improves upon the original it was generated from by removing several lines of code to ensure that the token is both a secure investment and truly community owned. With its locked liquidity and a fully renounced contract, UltraSafe is completely rug-proof. This makes it one of the most secure investment platforms on Binance Smart Chain. UltraSafe is a new token that has frictionless fee redistribution and liquidity additions. It enables users to buy and hold its native token $ULTRA, in exchange for increased returns. This way, users can earn the rewards of its frictionless yield protocol while securing passive income.

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One of the team’s marketing strategies is to ensure that the native token becomes more accessible and achieves a fair distribution. Hence, ULTRA will now be traded on centralized exchanges as well as PancakeSwap — UltraSafe’s initial trading platform. Interestingly, UltraSafe’s high level dev team recently announced their first centralized exchange listing at LBank Exchange, a leading crypto asset trading platform providing safe, professional and convenient crypto asset exchange services and more; after 5 days on the market. Of course, this is yet another major milestone for the UltraSafe ecosystem. More so, the token, $ULTRA, is also listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

Additionally, UltraSafe has recorded a massive community-driven hype which has contributed immensely to the strategic achievements in the ecosystem. With an active and excited community, the project continues to grow beyond leaps and bounds. Impressively, it took only a single marketing phase and 2 successful audits for UltraSafe to set new world records in the crypto space — UltraSafe market cap netted above $60 million in under 48 hours, and it hit over 5,000 holders in less than 24 hours. Clearly, this shows that UltraSafe is indeed a groundbreaking project.

The first UltraSafe pre-launch audit was conducted by Solidity, while the second audit was carried out by Certik. With both companies being top-ranked, security-focused platforms, their approvals gave endless credibility to the DeFi project thereby facilitating trust and growth in the community. UltraSafe is onboarding strategic partnerships such as Rubic cross-chain services — which will allow users to seamlessly buy $ULTRA directly from the official website, the UFC superstar Rashad Evans and more.

As the number of token holders increase, the UltraSafe dev team will be working tirelessly towards its development roadmap to ensure they attain their goal and expand the platform’s community. Holders profit from price appreciation as the community-driven hype achieves dynamic milestones. Currently, UltraSafe has over 41,000 holders. The following are some of the recent key developments of the UltraSafe ecosystem:

  • Forming an LLC, to allow listings on large CEXs,
  • Launching a merch store,
  • Working on the Mariana Trench Ultra Max,
  • Vault for NFTs and DApps,
  • Obtaining a third audit,
  • Conception of the mysterious “Project Titanium Ice”.

The team has succeeded in unlocking dazzling features and offerings as they deliver progressively larger updates to the growing community.


UltraSafe native token –$ULTRA, will be used for yield farming. All UltraSafe transactions will send 4% (half of the 8% transaction fee) to the liquidity pool, which will create an ever-increasing price floor and continuously decrease the price impact of selloffs. The remaining 4% of every transaction will be sent back to ULTRA holders, ensuring token generation not reliant on variable Annual Profit Yield (APY’s).

Token allocation

  • UltraSafe has a fixed supply of 1 quadrillion tokens:
  • 25% Presale to raise liquidity
  • 40% Initial liquidity
  • 30% Token burn
  • 5% Marketing fund — for project expansion

Thus, it’s crystal clear that the safest investment platform — UltraSafe, is actively rewarding holders and providing a stellar degree of security for investors in the DeFi sector.

Follow the official social media platforms for more updates:

Announcements: https://t.me/UltraSafeAnnouncements

Twitter: https://twitter.com/UltraSafeBSC

Telegram: https://t.me/UltraSafeOfficial

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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