Twitch Drops expansion rewards viewers when streamers play well


The new Drops system lets game makers embed unlocks that are linked to Twitch’s Enhanced Experiences API. This could mean that rewards are activated when a streamer completes a level, or is the last person standing in a round of Fall Guys — developers have freedom to hide activations in any part of their game. Other events can be time-based, requiring viewers to tune into a channel for a set amount of time to access their reward.

Twitch says it has redesigned the Drops platform to let viewers know how close they are to achieving time-based goals, removing some of the randomness from the existing system. Some developers may choose to use Twitch’s new tiered campaigns, which require users to unlock smaller rewards before getting a bigger one.

For developers, the new Drops system incentivizes them to include more Twitch-specific unlocks in their titles. For viewers, it could mean more waiting for a specific prize, but it may also encourage people to push their favorite streamers to complete more complex and daring challenges in the games they play.

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