Tron Tycoon Flaunts Crypto Fortune, Trolls Elon Musk with Tesla Giveaway

Tron Tycoon Flaunts Crypto Fortune, Trolls Elon Musk with Tesla Giveaway 1

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has yet to add bitcoin as a payment method, but for the crypto community, the door is always open. Tron CEO Justin Sun is putting his money where his mouth is, announcing a $20 million free cash airdrop that includes a Tesla for one follower. Sun wants to celebrate the resounding success of his latest baby, BitTorrent (BTT), and the addition of USDT on Tron later this year.

To allay any fears that his account had been compromised in yet another Twitter crypto giveaway scam, Sun followed up the announcement by confirming his “earlier tweet wasn’t a hack” and a “Tesla will be on its way to a lucky winner,” though he falls short of revealing which model it will be. To qualify, candidates only need to join Sun’s Twitter army of 962,000 strong by following him and retweeting the message, the latter of which has already been done more than 30,000 times.

Might Justin Sun be trying to pique Elon Musk’s crypto-curiosity?

It’s not just Sun that’s trying to get the Tesla founder’s attention. Binance chief Changpeng Zhao in recent days responded to an older tweet by Musk who said he wanted to build a site where news articles, journalists, and publications would receive a credibility score, to which CZ  responded:

“Need a little investment? Happy to contribute some, in #BNB.”

Musk previously revealed that he believes bitcoin is “brilliant” and that it surpasses paper money. He has yet to participate in the Bitcoin Lightning Torch relay, however, despite the crypto community’s best efforts to transact with him.

Will the Real Justin Sun Please Stand Up?

Tron’s Sun has many redeeming qualities, including his youth and mad marketing skills. Modesty, however, doesn’t seem to be one of them, as evidenced by his ambitions for Tron (TRX) to muscle its way into the four biggest cryptocurrencies by year end 2019, according to a tweet by Tommy Mustache, who describes himself as a “crypto warrior” and has amassed more than 11,000 Twitter followers.

According to the post – which was retweeted by the Tron Foundation – Sun is willing to accept the top 5 or 6 spots if things don’t go as planned. TRX is currently ranked as the No. 10 cryptocurrency on CoinMarketCap.

Nonetheless, in an early morning segment on CNBC’s Street Signs Asia show today he appeared to give a different impression.

“Basically, I think the valuation and market cap are just the surface of the business. Primarily, I’m more focused on the business development, technology, and lots of exciting things going on with the Tron network,” said Sun.


Sun also expects that tech leaders such as Facebook will do a great deal for mass adoption of crypto.

This Tech Entrepreneur Can’t Get Enough of Bitcoin

While Elon Musk may have yet to go all-in on crypto, another tech entrepreneur is diving in head first. Jack Dorsey, who is at the helm of both Twitter and payments app Square, continues to engage with the crypto crowd. Most recently he tweeted a picture of a gold chain that he purchased with bitcoin via the Square Cash App.

This transaction mimics the transparency of the blockchain in more ways than one in that it displays the current value of the 24k gold versus the price purchased in real-time. If Tesla’s Musk ever decides to integrate bitcoin payments, he might want to think about incorporating some way to illustrate sustainable-energy savings.

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