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TripCandy launches Its Cashback Platform to help Travelers

 Save Money and Earn Crypto CANDY Tokens

TripCandy is the first platform to leverage its very own crypto tokens and multiple payment channels within its cashback reward framework.

SINGAPORE, Oct. 28, 2021 — TripCandy, a cashback rewards travel booking platform, officially announces the launch of its travel platform, offering crypto cashback for every booking its users make, turning travel into an investment.

Built on the Binance Smart Chain, TripCandy has already issued their $CANDY token and raised over US$1M during the presale from over 2,000 investors worldwide.

TripCandy works with top partners such as Booking.com and Agoda by referring and driving customers to their booking platforms. For every booking made on those partnering platforms, a percentage of the total sale will return to the users in CANDY tokens, a new cryptocurrency. TripCandy proposes a marriage between a traveling experience and blockchain technology through this system, making the bookings particularly lucrative.

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Once CANDY tokens are stable and secure, TripCandy will focus on maximizing CANDY’s usage by introducing even more travel-related goods and services such as travel insurance, cruises, and even flights. More CANDYback services will also lead to higher demand for CANDY tokens, driving prices up exponentially, bringing greater rewards for investors and users alike.

One factor that sets TripCandy apart from other applications is offering multiple payment channels such as crypto payment, bank transfer, and E-wallet payment, opening access to users worldwide and giving them the option to pay in their preferred method. Statistics show that in Europe, for example, e-wallets are representing an increasingly popular payment alternative. Providing diverse opportunities is, therefore, key to a positive customer experience.

Jeremy Foo, TripCandy’s founder and CEO, said: “We really want people to get excited to earn rewards while traveling. Now, we are finding our unique way to do it because the combination between travel and cryptocurrency remains relatively unexplored.”

TripCandy is also partnered with Booking.com, Agoda, and Expedia; listed on Probit Exchange and PancakeSwap.

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About TripCandy
TripCandy, is a travel cashback rewards platform leveraging cryptocurrency tokens ($CANDY) that aim to establish the premium standard in travel accommodations and services through the innovative use of blockchain technology.

$CANDY Contract Address: 0x639AD7c49EC616a64e074c21a58608C0d843A8a3

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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