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Touzi Capital, Elite Mining Inc. Announce a Bitcoin Mining Partnership

The joint venture will strengthen Touzi’s bitcoin mining portfolio while expanding EMI’s operations.

CHEYENNE, Wyo., Nov. 23, 2021– Touzi Capital, a private equity company, and Elite Mining Inc. (EMI), a global leader in green crypto mining, are pleased to announce a partnership aimed to expand crypto mining operations and investments for both companies.

Touzi Capital will deploy over 1,000 Bitmain miners with EMI over the course of the expansion and partnership planned for 2022. One thousand S19 Bitmain AntMiners could currently mine 0.60218744 BTC per day, according to NiceHash’s calculations. Elite Mining’s immersion technology will enable the Bitmain miners to overclock more effectively and be operational for longer, meaning mining rates could increase. Combining those advantages with lean operations and low renewable energy costs, and it is clear this partnership creates an opportunity to mine high volumes of Bitcoin at high-profit margins.

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“Through our hosting partnership with Elite Mining Inc., they will leverage their proprietary liquid-cooled immersion system to increase mining productivity and miner lifespan. This will lead to more profitable operations,” said Touzi Capital’s Founder and CEO, Eng Taing.

One of EMI’s facilities, through its relationship with AXP Energy, will leverage natural gas flares that provide a low-cost, efficient source of energy that would be underutilized and emitted as pollution into the environment. This energy capture with flaring also makes environmental sense compared to venting natural gas, since CO2 is 25 times less impactful as a greenhouse gas than methane over a 100-year timespan.

“We are witnessing traditional real estate-backed funds, such as Touzi, diversify into Bitcoin mining, as fund managers look for new opportunities with predictable income streams inside this growing digital space. Clearly, traditional routes to passive income no longer just sit on Main Street, USA. They also exist on the blockchain,” said EMI Executive Vice President James Wambold. Wambold added, “By investing in the latest generation mining equipment, Touzi can potentially achieve great returns for their investors while giving their funds more diversity.”

EMI and Touzi have formed a mutually beneficial relationship. EMI believes this arrangement can work well for other investment firms looking to enter the cryptocurrency space.

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“At EMI, we are already seeing benefits from this partnership, as traditional investors from other sectors now seem more willing to cross over and diversify into cryptocurrency for the first time. We are thrilled that our partners have referred some of their own clients, and are helping us reach the $10 million hard cap for our funding round before the end of the year,” said Wambold.

Touzi Capital positions itself to reap the rewards of EMI’s immersion technology, low energy costs, and high-efficiency mining. EMI gets equipment and funds to expand and scale operations, which should boost profits for the company.

The future of Bitcoin mining looks bright with partnerships like Touzi and EMI.

About Touzi Capital 

Eng Taing, the CEO, founded Touzi Capital in San Francisco, CA in 2020. The team has over 30 years of combined experience managing hard and digital assets. Touzi Capital helps investors achieve superior returns with high-yield tax advantaged private investments in real estate and other alternative investments like Bitcoin mining. Touzi Capital launched its Bitcoin mining business in 2021. Under Teracel, of which Eng Taing is also CEO, Touzi Capital launched mining operations in Nebraska and Georgia, totaling 90 Petahash with a total of 900 S19 Pro Bitmain ASIC Miners. With this expansion and new partnership with Elite Mining, Touzi Capital’s output will yield 200 PH by early 2022. Touzi Capital intends to continue expanding to 1 Exahash by the end of 2022.

About Elite Mining Inc.

Founded by Justin Podhola in 2016, Elite Mining Inc. acquires, installs and maintains immersion mining hardware to mine digital currencies, using proprietary immersion technology and the lowest 2% renewable energy costs in the USA for their own mining and hosting customers. The hardware, or miners, are submerged in EMI’s liquid and placed inside Immersion Mining Pods (IMPs). This optimizes performance and energy efficiency. The IMPs are neatly contained within a 28-foot Elite Mobile Unit (EMU), making it the most energy-efficient green mining solution on the market. Elite Mining Inc. sells these mobile units through its subsidiary, Elite Mobile Units. Typically sold to clients with mining operations that require over one megawatt of power, EMUs enable crypto miners and investors to reap the rewards that proprietary immersion technology and mobile mining solutions bring.

EMI Contact Information:

April Madden, Director of Marketing [email protected]


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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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