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Tokamak Network Introduces a P2E Game through TONStarter


SINGAPORE, Dec. 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AURA, the governance token for Dragons of Midgard, a blockchain-based P2E game, will have its public sales until December 22nd, 20:00 (KST).

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Blockchain Layer 2 platform “Tokamak Network” announced that it will hold an IDO for Dragons of Midgard, a P2E Game, from the 14th to the 22nd through “TONStarter.”

TONStarter is a blockchain-based fundraising platform that uses Tokamak Network and expands its ecosystem by discovering and supporting excellent and promising blockchain projects. Projects launched through TONStarter will later be integrated as a DApp using Tokamak Network’s Layer 2 solution.

The DOC token of DOOROPEN, a Virtual Human NFT project that started in October, increased by 22 times compared to its initial IDO price. In addition, DOOROPEN’s Virtual Human NFT was sold for 4 million WON at the Busan NFT Festival Auction.

“Dragons of Midgard”, TONStarter’s second IDO project, is a P2E(Play to Earn) game being developed by CIPHERS who has extensive experience in developing and launching several blockchain and NFT games.

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Dragons of Midgard boasts its vast and solid world, including dragons and territories, based on Norse mythology, and is a user-friendly PE2 game designed to allow tokens to be earned with short playtime and simple controls.

Dragons of Midgard players can raise their in-game dragon from its infancy or use it for battles. Dragons are given various characteristics such as trait, race, and class, and can be owned in the form of NFT, allowing transactions in NFT marketplaces.

AURA, Dragons of Midgard’s governance token, can be obtained through TONStarter’s IDO and can be staked to earn profits and receive rewards by participating in governance voting.

Dragons of Midgard IDO starts on the 14th, and users can use Tokamak Network’s tokens TON and WTON to participate. Users can check the details of the IDO and participation guide on TONStarter’s website and Medium page managed by Onther, the developer of Tokamak Network and TONStarter.

Onther’s CEO Jun Sik Sim has stated, “TONStarter’s first IDO project, DOOROPEN, has proven its success through an impressive fundraised amount, and we have high expectations for Dragons of Midgard. Recently, P2E games have been trending in the crypto industry. Dragons of Midgard is a P2E game that is being developed by CIPHERS, and they can create a synergistic effect with Tokamak Network through this partnership which we will use to expand the Tokamak Network’s community and ecosystem.

About Tokamak Network

Tokamak Network is a protocol that helps DApps expand their ecosystems on the Ethereum blockchain. Tokamak Network is a platform that allows projects to create an ecosystem on top of the Ethereum blockchain and DApp blockchains. It also supports projects to choose Layer 2 solutions such as Plasma and Rollups to develop and operate a DApp by increasing their scalability and network transaction fees. Ultimately, users will be able to pay transaction fees using TON on the Tokamak Network. TON is currently listed on major virtual asset exchanges such as Upbit, Bittrex Global, MEXC, Liquid Global, and Uniswap, Sushiswap, and Klayswap.

Moreover, TONStarter, a launchpad platform that utilizes Tokamak Network, had its successful IDO project, DOOROPEN, last October.

Tokamak Network : http://tokamak.network

TONStarter : https://tonstarter.tokamak.network/

About Dragons of Midgard

Dragons of Midgard is a P2E NFT game in which users can raise in-game dragons from its Wyrmling state. It researches blockchain technology and pushes itself for development. The game is being developed by CIPHERS, a group of veterans and professionals from the UAE/Asia region who realizes new ideas into ingenious products.

The player can battle, raise, evolve the dragons while having ownership of the dragons in the form of NFTs, and players can earn tokens by completing tasks and getting achievements to earn a profit.


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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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