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The Poker Faces Club Announces the Launch of its Metaverse Experience


NICOSIA, Cyprus, March 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Poker Faces Club has announced the Launch of Its metaverse project, which will bring fair poker games to the Blockchain. In 2021, the metaverse has been revealed to the world. Now, in early 2022, a myriad of Metaverse-related crypto projects are fighting for the spotlight. But this project may as well be the future gem users were waiting for. By bringing together poker, passive income and a metaverse gaming platform, The Poker Faces Club aims to revolutionize the world of online poker.

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What people should know so far about The Poker Faces Club

The Poker Faces Club is a Blockchain-based project that aims to bring the best poker and gaming platform experience to the metaverse. According to the founding team: “Existing centralized online poker platforms lack fairness and they are failing to produce feelings, like the excitement of being in a real-world gaming platform. With the Poker Faces Club project, people want to change all that.”

The Poker Faces Club aims to create a Blockchain-based online poker platform and anew genre of metaverse experience. The Poker Faces Club will provide real-life services, as well as an arcade room, a merchandizing store and will even host conferences and parties!

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The first step of the project is the release of the genesis collection: 4444 2D NFTs featuring poker players, which will grant the holders with interesting utilities:

  • Own a share of the metaverse gaming platform and earn passive income
  • Be part of the VIP club and get access to high-stake poker tournaments and cash games
  • Free airdrop of the 3D NFTs collection with promising Metaverse utilities
  • Get access to exclusive merchandizing

Become an owner of the metaverse platform:

With the Poker Faces NFTs, users will be able to become the proud owner of a metaverse platform and generate passive income. By owning one of the 4444 2D NFTs, users will be become a shareholder in the gaming platform and share 80% of the profits with the other holders. “The total number of 4444 NFTs has been thoroughly chosen to provide a good balance between great passive income and enough capital to fund the project roadmap. People want everyone to benefit from this project!” explains Tom, one of the co-founders.

Every month, a fair lottery will pick a random playing card, and all the holders that have corresponding traits on their NFT will share the vault rewards! “People wanted to find an exciting way of distributing the rewards to the community. With our Monthly Lottery, users can make some truly impressive profits. That’s the gambler’s version of passive income!”

Making online poker fair again:

According to the founders, existing online poker platforms have three main issues: First, it’s hard to prove that the dealer is fair and not biased. Second, rewards take days, even weeks to be distributed. Third, insiders cheating from the company is possible and has happened several times in the past.

The Poker Faces Club wants to solve these issues by creating a web 3.0 poker platform. Thanks to open-source code and the Blockchain technology, the game will be 100% fair and reliable. Also, the rewards will be instantly distributed, in crypto. Additionally, no KYC will be required. Poker players will be able to challenge themselves to cash games and tournaments, in total anonymity.

Be part of an exclusive new poker community

The Poker Faces Club aims to bring together people from the NFTs and the poker communities. The Club members will enjoy many experiences like poker tournaments, cash games, live events, conferences, community games and contests.

“People want that every holder feels like a VIP. Access to exclusive rooms of the gaming platform, meeting with pro poker players and more special services will be part of your journey!” explains Nick, co-founder of the project.

Additionally, a free poker tournament with real cryptoprizes will be accessible every week for the holders.

A promising Roadmap

  • The genesis mint is the first step of an ambitious roadmap. Some of the most important milestones of the project are:
  • Genesis 2D collection mint
  • Web 3.0 poker platform for cash games and tournaments
  • Metaverse gaming platform with exclusive services for holders
  • Airdrop of 3D NFTs to all 2D-holders
  • Play-to-earn activities and weekly poker tournaments
  • DAO release to give back control to the community
  • The full roadmap can be found on the website

About The Poker Faces Club

The founding team is composed of three entrepreneurs with prior experience in Blockchain development, crypto-sphere, and poker and gaming platform field.

George is a computer scientist with seven years of experience in Blockchain. He developed successful crypto-related companies. He is responsible for the all the development aspects of the project.

Nick is a pro poker-player since 2006. He is deeply involved in the poker community and has great experience with crypto and NFT projects. His role is to ensure the Metaverse gaming platform offers the best user-experience. He will also help in building the community around poker and the gaming platform(both in Metaverse and in real life).

Tom has been working in marketing and business development for over five years. He has extensive knowledge both in finance and crypto. He will oversee the project management, partnerships and financials.

The team will navigate the project according to the following values: transparency, user-experience comes first, community-centred.

So, how can users get white-listed? Everyone will have their chance to get a spot on the whitelist. The Poker Faces Club will organise online weekly poker tournaments where the participants may be rewarded with a spot. In addition, several giveaways and contests will be held on their Twitter and Discord. Make sure to follow their socials!

Social Links

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PokerFacesNft

Discord: https://discord.gg/hPe9qvPYhw

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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