The nicest shark in Eureka Park

But if everything’s worked out to this point, she’ll ask if the team is interested in Shark Tank.

“I was watching it last night on CNBC,” says a representative from Rocean, whose company filters, flavors and carbonates water from the tap. “We love it,” is another response, perhaps not surprising in a hall full of small business owners.

Another unsurprising reply comes when she asks if a team is looking for investment. In most cases, who isn’t?

Then Zemrak takes a business card and explains that she’ll set up a 30 minute call once she’s back in LA. Every card, she says, will lead to a call.

This process happens nearly a dozen times in less than an hour. Still, because people know Zemrak, sometimes events happen out of the blue.

“Mindy! How are you? Can I give you a quick demo?”

Zemrak is intercepted by a man who follows her on Facebook and is pitching “Intelashelf,” a tray with wireless charging, bluetooth speakers and a ceiling video projector.

“I’m glad you stopped me,” Zemrak says, after their chat.

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