The Morning After: Reviewing Mercedes' tech-filled A220

You just found the fastest way to catch up on what happened.Here’s all the important stuff Google announced at I/O 2019

It’s not all Pixel, Nest and Assistant, even if it seems that way. Hit our roundup of the high-profile updates from Google’s keynote, including Incognito Mode for Maps, Google Lens upgrades, Android Q notes and so much more.

Engadget’s Guide to Parenting in the Digital AgeThe best baby gadgets for new parents

If you thought buying a new phone or laptop was hard, just wait until you’re confronted with countless “smart” baby gadgets that promise to prevent SIDs, track every bowel movement and make sure your child isn’t screwed up for life. Devindra Hardawar points out a few items his six-month-old has enjoyed.

Maybe if there were more lights, they’d have seen it before the episode aired.HBO edited that coffee cup out of ‘Game of Thrones’

If you hadn’t already heard, HBO accidentally left a coffee cup in a shot from episode four of Game of Thrones’ final season — millions of TV viewers learned that Daenerys can’t function before she’s had her latte. However, you won’t have much luck trying to revisit that production blunder online. HBO has digitally removed the cup from the episode on digital services like HBO Go, leaving an empty spot on the table where the caffeination once stood.

It’s not the Oculus Rift sequel we’ve been waiting for.Oculus Rift S review: Just another tethered VR headset

The Rift S isn’t a huge upgrade over the original Rift, but it brings Oculus’ desktop VR into the modern era. Devindra Hardawar says its built-in tracking works well, and the displays look much better than before. But if you were expecting something truly next-generation from Oculus, you’re better off looking at the Quest.

As part of a settlement, the landlords will be required to provide physical keys.Tenants win right to physical keys in NY smart-lock case

The landlords of one Manhattan apartment building have agreed to provide physical keys to tenants who don’t want to use smart locks. The decision was reached in a preliminary settlement after tenants sued their landlord for installing Latch smart locks, last year. As CNET reports, this marks one of the first times legal professionals have had to weigh in on how landlords can use smart-home technology.

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