@GoogleLeaks.Google just revealed the Pixel 4

The Morning After: Google leaked the Pixel 4 1

After a purported render of the Pixel 4 popped up a few days ago, Google took the unusual step of directly leaking a pic of its own next phone. A tweet informed us to “wait until you see what it can do,” and if the rumors are accurate then that could refer to an embedded sensor used for advanced gesture control. For now, we’ll just feast our eyes on its frame and curious square camera array.

Despite incredible battery life, a $300 price makes these tough to recommend.Jabra Elite 85h review: Noise cancellation to rival Bose and Sony

Coinbase 8

The Morning After: Google leaked the Pixel 4 2

The Elite 85h is a well-built audio workhorse with amazing battery life and capable ANC, but the overall audio quality isn’t as good as the Sony 1000XM3.

If you call your TV a wall, then it has to be about this size.Samsung’s next The Wall TV can stretch to 292 inches with 8K

The Morning After: Google leaked the Pixel 4 3

The Wall Luxury is an even more ambitious TV designed for the poshest of abodes. It starts at ‘just’ 73 inches and 1080p, but its MicroLED panels scale all the way to 292 inches and 8K. That’s over 24 feet in the diagonal, folks. Samsung hasn’t detailed the pricing as we write this, but let’s be honest — if you need to ask, you’re probably not the target audience for this behemoth.

Apparently users found the old way confusing. Google will stop syncing files between Drive and Photos

From July 10th, when you upload files to Drive or Photos, they won’t automatically sync to the other service. Likewise, when you delete a photo or video from Drive, it won’t be removed from Photos and vice versa.

Should’ve brought the six-button one.Sega Genesis Mini hands-on: A faithfully clunky controller

The Morning After: Google leaked the Pixel 4 4

This year’s E3 is the first time journalists and the public have been able to play with the Genesis Mini, and there are some great games baked in. Highlights include Sonic 2, Castle of Illusion, Shinobi 3, Kid Chameleon and Streets of Rage 2. The only drawback, according to Mat Smith, is that when it comes to the system’s three-button controller, “It feels cheap, lightweight, chunky and… exactly how I remember it.”

Time to become a YouTube star. Or Instagram video. Or Tik-Tok.Apple’s big iMovie iOS update includes green screen and more

The Morning After: Google leaked the Pixel 4 5

The latest update for iMovie for iOS comes with a new green screen effect, better still image support, 80 new soundtracks, graphic overlays and more.

Power slaps in space.‘Journey to the Savage Planet’ is surprisingly relaxing

The Morning After: Google leaked the Pixel 4 6

Plenty of games let you explore an alien world. Few have the same charm and distinctive personality as Journey to the Savage Planet, though.

Typhoon Studios, a Canadian developer comprised of former Ubisoft and Electronic Arts employees, calls its game an “earnest comedy.” The team wanted to build a smaller and more light-hearted title that didn’t require hundreds of hours to complete. You might play the game for a couple of hours after work, or breeze through most of the quests over a weekend.

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The Morning After: Google leaked the Pixel 4 7
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