The Implications of 3d printing in Today’s society

The uses of 3D Printing

3D Printing has been hailed as one of the wonders of this decade. 

While this may be so, the implications both positive and negative haven’t been considered by the scientists and inventors who have made being able to reproduce exact models of almost anything.

3D printing has many great applications in real life.

It can be used to solve so many problems that have been plaguing humanity.

Some of them are discussed below.


3D Printing In Medicine


Perhaps the greatest application of 3D printing technology will be in the use of replacements for parts of the human body that have become too diseased and need urgent replacements.

With a little research on materials that are safe for human cohabitation, valves, and even several parts can be recreated (some from scratch) that will allow for the direct replacement via surgery of these parts to become possible.

This, of course, enhances life and can improve the conditions of many who may die without such innovations.

Also, artificial limbs that can be hooked up to the central nervous system of an individual will soon be possible due to a combination of two technologies: 3D printing and nanotechnology.

Limbs that behave as though real complete with touch may very well happen within the next decade or so considering how far 3D microprinting has come. 


In Engineering


3D printing in engineering is perhaps the most practical application of this exciting process.

Parts that don’t exist in the markets anymore can simply be recreated once the right measurements are made.

After a few incidences of trial and error, the perfect replacement will be printed and if there is a market for such parts BOOM! Another business idea is born.

Apart from replacements, 3D printing also gives a distinct advantage to instruments that are too sensitive to be printed commercially.

These instruments and devices always need precision and great care must always be taken to get them out.

3D printers ensure this sort of accuracy

Such instruments always require care and 3D printers can be rigged to recreate the exact environments required for such instruments to be manufactured properly and accurately.

Apart from the scarce parts, inventors are now able to build prototypes without much cost involved due to 3D printers.

Their models can be made without the inherent costs which before now have been pocket-breaking and nerve-wracking, to say the least.


In Science


From an educational perspective, science projects which are only needed for demonstration purposes use 3D printing to accurately depict how the science of a particular process works without due recourse to mechanical manufacturing.

3D models help to bring out such projects in a very accurate manner so that the science behind such models is demonstrated and the project will ring true.

3D printing in science projects also helps to lower the costs of projects reproduction as spoilt aspects of the project can also be reproduced with ease.


In Architecture


The beauty of architectural models for both demonstration and testing purposes comes out with the application of 3D printing for architectural models. 

Hitherto impossible models can now be designed and tested based on different kinds of materials to determine how exactly those models will fare if constructed.

This approach leads to safer buildings that are pleasing to look at, live and work in.

Architects have always had problems interpreting the kinds of designs when it comes to models and interpretations.

3D printing solves many of their problems as the model buildings often are the miniature versions of the real one!

Architects are now able to go above and beyond what was formerly impossible to create masterpieces that can make anyone breathless.


In Art


Modern artists use 3D abstract models to pass across ideas which other art forms may not be able to do.

With these modern-day “Michelangelos”, art now takes on a new form with technology guiding it and by the time the artist is done with the model the beauty of the human mind that can create abstract forms that make perfect sense now come to light.

These modern-era artists have been able to redefine how we see art as people.

They also stretch the ability of the human mind to do things in their way.


In Robotics and Mechatronics


Most of the time, robotics and mechatronics experts need parts for their machines which haven’t been invented yet. 

3D printing comes to the rescue in this regard.

This is because robotics and mechatronics are ever-evolving fields that require new forms of movement and parts which mechanical engineering won’t be able to solve on time.

Within a few hours, however, 3D printing can create a perfect model for testing and trial.



In Movies and Entertainment


When it comes to set design to be it for movies or just the simple music video, certain props and other items on set won’t be possible or would be way too expensive if not for the miracle of 3D printing. 

With 3D printing just about anything can be invented and be made to look real, provided that the director can do his thing.

Sci-fi movies with realistic-looking props can be made without the big-budgets of Hollywood studios.

3D printing can level the playing field for many in different fields of endeavor.

Mostly, it is a question of a little technical knowledge and lots of imagination!

Whatever happens, 3D printing is here to stay.

What other uses of 3D printing do you think exist?

Please let us know in the comments below!

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