The First Decentralized NFT Mining ‘Crypto Stone’ Made with Gemma Network Technology

SINGAPORE, March 31, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Crypto Stone NFT was released on March 30th (local time) and it demonstrated its outstanding features at NFTConfex.

The First Decentralized NFT Mining 'Crypto Stone' Made with Gemma Network Technology 1

Crypto Stone Beta version project opening was held by the main speaker of the event Irvan Tinabudi. Irvan Tinabudi is well known as blockchain specialist actively working as a blockchain expert, researcher, journalist, and exchange advisor.

Irvan stated that ” Bitcoin and Ethereum are currently becoming the symbol of wealth as following after gold and fiat currency” and adding, “If Bitcoin and Ethereum have the value of gold and fiat currency, what kind of blockchain technology can guarantee tangible jewelry value?” This question motivated the invention of Crypto Stone. Also, Gemma’s first blockchain business was retail diamond sales with a partnership with IDEX. This fact was also suitable for the company’s new business expansion because Gemma’s token GXT was used on purchasing diamonds with NFT contracts.

Crypto Stone has been invented with inspiration from the twelve birthstones. The stone with less available amount has more value, mining power can increase with the consumption of GXT tokens at the platform, random crypto stones will be mined at the opened threshold. The mined crypto stones can be traded on OpenSea and GEMMA’s platform. It will acknowledge its value from the users.

Crypto Stones differ from other NFT products by providing different NFT smart contracts to different stones with each color and shape. GEMMA insisted that “Crypto Stones will be the first NFT that can be valuable without any digital assets and other contents.”

Moreover, “Crypto Stones will be minted regularly when GXT token holders acquire mining power by joining a mining pool.” GEMMA has emphasized that all the NFT, DEFI, and mining procedures will conduct on decentralized GEMMA smart contract technology. Cryptos Stone’s property will be provided randomly in a number of 600 cases and the higher rank the higher rarity.

GEMMA stated that “Crypto stone platform will firstly be introduced with the mainnet development.”. Adding “GEMMA expects that Crypto Stone platform will be the unprecedented decentralized NFT mining pool, many expert developers in India and Japan are working so hard to let the users have visual satisfaction and the expectations from the stone mining.” The full version of the Crypto Stone platform will be around May when the mainnet development will be completed. GEMMA announced a new white paper including the technical explanation. The technological advancement which backs Crypto Stone will be attractive to the industry experts.

Crypto Stones will increase its accessibility by connecting to a mining NFT game that GEMMA is developing. More information about Crypto Stone Mining Pool is available at the official website

NFTConfex on 30th, various blockchain, and Metaverse experts have participated as a speaker to have a speech about the NFT market directions and have communications with other participants.

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