The Elder Scrolls: Blades made $1.5 million in its first month

In context: Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls: Blades entered early-access a month ago on mobile Apple devices only. Like all early-access games, the experience is a little icky with disappointing character models, simplistic progression, and even more simplistic combat. That hasn’t stopped it from being successful.

A Sensor Tower report reveals just how much cash Blades has raked in over the last month: $1.5 million. With 1.3 million players, that’s nearly $1.20 per download and $50 per day, which is right up there with some of the most popular gaming apps. About 73% of revenue is generated in the United States, with the UK making up the second largest portion of 5%.

While the numbers aren’t as gigantic as they could be – Bethesda’s Fallout Shelter, for example, made $8.7 million in its first month with 4.4 million downloads – the game is still in ‘pre-release’ state and only available on iOS. Fallout Shelter never had a pre-release and launched in full on most platforms on June 14, 2015. When Bethesda launches Blades on Android, the player base will no doubt grow substantially.

Interestingly, the first million players downloaded the game in the first week of its release. This suggests that the game’s current success rates are closely linked to the hype Bethesda was able to generate at the game’s E3 announcement, and that players’ mixed reviews (you can also read our hands-on impressions) drove other players away rather than pulling them in.

If Bethesda can’t prove that they’ve substantially upped the ante for the game’s full release, they run the risk of it being more of a Fallout 76 than a Skyrim. Bethesda has missed all their release targets thus far, so it’s unclear when the game’s proper release will be.

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