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The BabyXape Presale is Coming on October 31

BabyXape will host its much-anticipated presale on October 31 at 14:00 UTC. The BABYX token will launch on PancakeSwap on the 1st of November at 14:00 UTC.

Bournemouth, UK, Oct. 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain Wire) The team opted to organize a small presale to provide sufficient liquidity for the protocol and maintain constant buying pressure on the token even after the fundraising ends. Buy Back X function will help to avoid dips after launch on Pancakeswap. BabyXape could be one of the best projects of 2021, with a lot of potential.

The upcoming sale will be held on Pinksale, a leading Launchpad that has helped 800+ projects successfully create their tokens and hold successful presales. Investors looking to participate in the fundraiser can visit the Pinksale Launchpad page and contribute BNB tokens to acquire their first BABYX without paying any taxes.

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The BabyXape team plans to apply to crypto ranking websites Coingecko and Coinmarketcap shortly after the presale ends. Other listings will follow, giving the crypto community easy access to the BABYX token.

The Most Bullish Baby Token Ever!

BabyXape is a cryptocurrency game changer that aims to make investors rich simply for holding its most bullish baby token, BABYX. The exciting project upholds its X standard, which stands for ‘Xtra Bullish’. Crypto enthusiasts on the platform can enjoy double rewards and enhanced security as they embark on the journey to the moon.

The project’s dividend token offers users huge rewards in both BABYX and market-leading stablecoin BUSD. Investors stand to earn rewards in BULLISH for holding a minimum of 200,000 BABYX. Users who receive 200,000 in BULLISH rewards will get more BUSD as an incentive to continue supporting the project.

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BABYX is destined for the moon due to its unique tokenomics, enhanced liquidity, and strong marketing strategy. The experienced BabyXape team has integrated a BuyBack X manual function to reduce BABYX supply and increase the token’s value.

BabyXape Tokenomics

The platform integrates robust tokenomics designed to reward liquidity providers (LPs) while tightening the BABYX supply. The protocol burnt 50% of the total 100 billion token supply, leaving only 50 billion BABYX in circulation. This approach helps to make the native token hyper deflationary.

The protocol will lock 100% of the liquidity pool on Pinksale for 12 months, proving to everyone that the project backers won’t try to rug pull investors. The team will also set aside 1 billion tokens to fund the BuyBack X function that aims to help BABYX land on the moon.

Moreover, BabyXape will impose relatively small taxes for the dividend tokens. Each buy transaction attracts an 11% tax, with 5% used to reward holders who remain BULLISH on the project. A further 5% goes into marketing to finance project development, advertisement and listings on top-tier exchanges. The final 1% goes into enhancing liquidity on the protocol.

Sale transactions attract an 11% fee and an additional 3% extra sell tax. 5% of the sell fees and the extra sell tax go straight to rewarding holders in BULLISH. The rest of the tax is distributed to the liquidity pool (1%) and token development (5%).

All BULLISH rewards are deposited automatically into eligible wallets every 3 hours or after making a buy or sell transaction. Holders can earn additional BUSD rewards for holding 200,000 BULLISH tokens or more.

The BabyXape Team is Fully Doxxed!

The BabyXape team comprises passionate developers who are fully Doxxed to instil investor trust in the platform. The project backers also have a proven track record of success in the crypto space. They launched the trusted and transparent BullishApes project that has attracted a large community of investors.

The first project enjoyed instant success after launch, reaching Coingecko and Coinmarketcap within 8 hours of listing on PancakeSwap. BullishApes is now about to be listed on Coinsbit, one of the largest centralized exchanges in Europe.

As per a recent tweet from the team, the BabyXape smart contract is now deployed, verified and audited, guaranteeing investors that their funds are safe.

X List Platform & Solidity Educate!

The team will develop X List voting platform where you can find new promising tokens. This platform will stand out from the crowd with its beautiful design and handy user interface.

Another use case is Solidity Educate. This platform will help to learn how to analyze the contracts and their functions yourself. There will be courses suitable for any level of knowledge. Solidity Educate will be helpful not only for developers but for regular crypto buyers who want to educate themself and easily detect malicious functions.

To learn more about this new project, its presale, and upcoming developments on the roadmap, please check out the social media platforms below:

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