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Teslafan Token Receives Strong Support from Many Renewable Energy Companies

LONDON, April 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Innovation comes with the demand for the specified field of technology. Things once were innovations, but as time passed, they became outdated. Once room-sized technologies are now in every household and have become a common way of communication. Current breakthroughs in the technologies offer even more advancement in serving the needs of the present audience. At some milestones, innovation needs to comprehend novelty to continue as productive as before.

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Usually, advancements come with external costs. In the progressive world, safe energy generation, which powers machines, became one of the main subjects. These technological advancements require energy, and it is expensive, and it pollutes the environment nowadays. Businesses work on alternative solutions to lower the ecological and environmental effects of energy generation.

Teslafan project, with sustainability at its core, acts as a mediator among individuals, businesses, and high-tech solutions. The coexistence of cutting-edge solutions and support for renewable energy attracted many investors to the project worldwide. Based on insights, the principal demand for the Teslafan project and the Teslafan token ($TESLF) comes from the USA, China, and South Korea. The renewable energy companies located in those countries pay significant attention to the project.

The initial token sale of Teslafan token ($TESLF) will begin on the ICOHolder on 21st April. The project, which focuses on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and renewable energy, has already attracted significant attention from the Blockchain and AI communities.

What is Teslafan?

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Teslafan is a privately held startup and tokenized ecosystem of services in the blockchain for artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, and sustainability projects. The projects form synergy between cognitive computing projects and blockchain and it will lead to the superior outcome.

The Teslafan ecosystem incorporates a crowdfunding platform and marketplace for AI/ML/DL projects, data comparison of renewable energy-related stocks, product sentiment analysis based on the social network responses, and focuses on donations to sustainable energy charities. By mustering those innovative approaches to blockchain, AI, and Big Data, Teslafan creates a unique network of services.

With each breakthrough in technology, the business operation becomes more efficient and effective, and the current trend in AI and blockchain-based systems leads this parade. Control over the operations change hands, and the importance of those systems becomes evident.

Democratizing AI Solutions

Currently, AI models are expensive for many organizations to acquire. The cost element hinders many businesses from making operations efficient and competent. On the other side, companies with resources utilize AI models and gain a competitive advantage. The need for AI solutions compels this field to be open to all.

Teslafan AI marketplace removes the barriers in the path of achieving productivity. Anyone- developers, companies, individuals can dive into a marketplace where various projects are listed. Such marketplaces allow businesses to get required AI solutions and developers to sell their masterpieces to the community.

Teslafan Boosts Crowdfunding Through Blockchain

Crowdfunding is a way of collecting funds for projects from many individuals who have an interest in investing. It is possible and widespread with the internet, and Teslafan improves it even further by adding blockchain elements to the process. Bringing decentralization to crowdfunding is a long waited and less encountered phenomenon nowadays.

Teslafan crowdfunding platform opens funding opportunities for artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, and many related projects. Developers can easily use the crowdfunding service to fund their projects and make them real. The advantage of the platform is being decentralized and as well as safe for investors and fundraisers.

Data Interpretation with AI

As the data becomes an inseparable part of business culture, data interpretation makes a significant difference in decision making. On the contrary, data analysis may seem out of reach for many individuals, and they do not benefit from the stack of data. Creating a platform that serves data review to the individuals can be a novel step in the industry. Data comparison of renewable energy-related stocks and product sentiment analysis based on the social network responses are both services of Teslafan, which empower anyone to use data in decision making.

AI-generated stock data comparison will help individuals to know price differences in different stock exchanges for the same stock. Various bourses list the same company stock and the ask-bid spread changes due to the user base of the bourse. Stock price comparison will assist investors to invest in stocks economically.

The market of products that use renewable energy is expanding, and the competition complicates choosing the right ones. People use different sources to decide on the commodities, but it takes time to find a reliable website to base their decisions. Teslafan product sentiment analysis saves your time and lowers concerns about products.

Teslafan’s Commitment to the Sustainable Energy

Sustainable energy generation, preventing water pollution, and water loss are the main issues that the modern world experiences. Some organizations work to promote environmental conditions with donations. The charitable organization does a remarkable job in the process. However, the link between charities and cryptocurrencies is weak, and it blocks the contributions in crypto.

Protecting the environment is one of the core positions that Teslafan cares about most. By connecting the cryptocurrency holders with the charities, Teslafan emphasizes the importance of the environment at the organization level. The holders of TESLF- the native ecosystem currency can donate projects which focus on renewable- solar, wind, geothermal energy, water problems, and many more.

TESLF- the Native Token of Ecosystem

The native token of the Teslafan network is TESLF which plays as a medium of payment in every service they provide. TESLF token is an ERC-20 token that is also compatible with Binance Smart Chain. Users of the platform can use only TESLF during the transactions, and it provides a seamless, censorless experience.

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