Ten Questions: One-On-One with Dr. Kolawole O. Ojo (Ph.D)

Exclusive with Dr. Kolawole Ojo

E-CryptoNews had the chance to reach out to Kolawole O. Ojo (Ph.D.) who is the CEO of Compunet Limited which is one of the leading management and technology firms in Nigeria. He discussed issues affecting the technology space in Nigeria. Here is what he had to say.



Kolawole Ojo (Ph.D) CEO Compunet Limited


. 1.     What is the ultimate connection between technology and people?

The ultimate connection between technology and people is the knowledge of technology. We live in a country where the Technology density is quite low but with the rise of mobile technology and its high patronage. If this trend is harnessed and exploited then we will see a rise in the use of technology.


2.      What is Nigeria’s biggest problem as per technology?

Nigeria’s biggest problems are two things: access to power and redundant systems which will provide realtime solutions that are unique and benefit the customers.


3.      What solutions are Compunet bringing to the table to solve these problems?

Compunet Limited is an all-in-one information technology organization that brings all kinds of products that can solve the basic problems as regards information management in different types of sectors. We believe that all our solutions and  will forever change the way people do  everyday. Be it in education, training, government and even to healthcare we are a broad range solutions provider that makes everything work.


4.      Can technology save Nigeria’s economy?

Yes, I believe so if the government has the will to create standards that can be maintained and that are World-class.


5.      Where do you see technology in the next five years?


Technology will be needed in everything for Nigeria. With the largest population of Black people all over the World, Technology will be a fundamental requirement for existence the same way reading and writing are basics for existence today.


6.      Are Nigerians ready to embrace the good things technology has to offer?

It depends on how the technology solutions are packaged, managed and maintained.  We are still trying to get the ecosystem mindset.


7.      How can the government help in ensuring that technology adoption takes off?

The Government needs to adopt the same kind of mindset that has been brought to bear in the Oil and gas sector. If that is done then adoption will automatically occur.


8.      Why did Compunet Ltd combine management consulting and information technology consulting? Any secret sauce?

You first need to be innovative and then you manage the process. I believe that creativity needs to be in a place where it can be nurtured. This is our secret sauce.


9. What is your personal experience with solving problems on the ground as regards the Nigerian question?

Nigeria is an interesting Country. In my experience, one must have nerves of steel and never give up. Keep keeping on. This is what I do everyday.


10. If you had three wishes and a genie who could make them come true, what would those wishes be?

A genie? LOL More like if God gave me three blank Checks!

·         An unlimited line of credit for the implementation of massive IT projects,

·         The right kind of people who are level-headed to work with,

·         An environment where the government listens and improves its policies which should be friendly to business,

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