TripCandy Founder And CEO Jeremy Foo Speaks To Us About CANDY Tokenomics And A Lot More

TripCandy Founder And CEO Jeremy Foo Speaks To Us About CANDY Tokenomics And A Lot More

TripCandy has gained popularity in the crypto and blockchain worlds in recent months. The accommodations booking platform is designed to offer significant discounts and cashback rewards in the form of...
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What Is Decentraland And How Does It Work?

What Is Decentraland And How Does It Work?

Decentraland is described as a three-dimensional (3D) virtual reality platform. It stands at the forefront of the growing metaverse trend that has seen many meta-related coins explode by up to...
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A Guide Into The Polygon Network

A Deep Dive Into The Polygon Network

  Polygon (MATIC) is a layer 2 solution that enhances Ethereum and powers its scalability. Nobody denies that Ethereum is a trendsetting blockchain globally. It is second only to Bitcoin...
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Tripedia Revolutionizes the Travel Ecosystem with an Artificial Intelligence Travel Designer

The Tripedia Foundation initiative has developed a new concept to serve the travel industry dubbed the Artificial Intelligence Travel Designer. According to the developers of Tripedia, it can solve the...
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ICo Presale

The Science Behind ICO Presales…

ICO Presale also referred to as Pre-ICO, is the token sale event that Blockchain firms unleash before the official ICO or crowd sale goes live. Notably, the ICO Presale fund-raising...
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Songbird Blockchain Used As Canary Network To Light Up Flare

Songbird is the Canary network for Flare. It will come in two separate phases. Before the launch of Flare, the Songbird blockchain will play an integral role in the continued...
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Google Might Develop An In-house Blockchain And Crypto

Google is Developing An In-House Blockchain And Crypto

A Google blockchain and cryptocurrency might be a great addition to the nascent space given the fact that the search engine giant can easily reach billions of people globally. The...
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NFTs Allow Gamers To Enjoy Digital Property Rights

NFTs appear to be revolutionizing the blockchain and crypto worlds. The digital property rights granted mainly by blockchain networks might eventually enable the Metaverse to fulfill its full potential while...
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What Is PancakeSwap And How Does It Work?

What Is PancakeSwap And How Does It Work?

PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange that enables investors to trade cryptos and tokens without needing to use a centralized intermediary. The platform keeps custody of the users’ tokens all the...
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Is Filecoin An Attractive Investment In 2021?

How Can Filecoin Benefit Its Users In 2021?

Filecoin is an attractive investment in 2021 and beyond due to its multiple benefits. The project was developed by Protocol Labs under the stewardship of its CEO Juan Benet. Protocol...
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The Science Behind ICO Presales…
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