Crypto Industry Problems Intensify As More Banks Shut Down

Crypto Industry Problems Intensify As More Banks Shut Down

  The financial turmoil that destroyed Silvergate Bank, Signature Bank, and Silicon Valley Bank will undoubtedly cast a dark shadow on crypto’s development. Three major banks with extensive ties to...
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The US Government Is Targeting Crypto And Crypto Firms

The US Government Is Targeting Crypto And Crypto Firms…Be Prepared…

  After a year dominated by disastrous shortcomings, crypto executives and investors hoped that 2023 would usher in a new dawn. Instead, the sector has found itself backed in a...
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Will Declaring BUSD A Security Thwart Crypto Progress?

  Crypto firm Paxos was recently compelled to stop issuing the dollar-pegged Binance token BUSD and is now facing a hefty lawsuit by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission...
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Web3 Foundation Says Polkadot Blockchain’s DOT Token Has Changed From Security To Software

Polkadot Blockchain’s ‘DOT Token’ Declared a Software By Web 3 Foundation

  On its third anniversary of proactive engagement with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Web3 Foundation made a landmark announcement. It confirmed a major step towards the achievement...
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Crypto Winter

Op Ed: What is Driving the ‘Crypto Winter’?

By Anton Chashchin, Managing Partner of Bitfrost As record-breaking temperatures have scorched the Northern Hemisphere, winter has hung over the crypto industry, with 2.25 trillion lost across the entire market in...
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What Is A DAO LLC?

  A Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is described as a new type of Limited Liability Company (LLC) where no leading member of the organization holds any majority rule. In a...
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Is The Crypto Market Combating A Lehman Brothers Moment?

The current generation seems to be dominated by alienated techies and the all-for-one ethos in crypto market was the largest attraction. Currently, panic seems to be spreading across this world...
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Top 10 Cities For Crypto Lovers In 2022

Top 10 Cities For Crypto Lovers In 2022

  Crypto lovers seem to settle in places where the rules and regulations of the land favor their business activities. But for now, there is not a lot of official...
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The Challenges of Regulating the Cryptocurrency Market

Financial systems of different countries and global ones have faced the appearance of cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin). Now, financial companies, regulators, and investors need to understand what they are all about...
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What Are Bitcoin Futures And How Will They Work In 2022?

  Bitcoin futures are contracts that allow investors to gain exposure to Bitcoin (BTCUSD) without being compelled to hold the underlying cryptocurrency. They are somehow similar to the futures contracts...
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