Protocol, Networks, Law, and Anarchism

I imagine long ago there was a time when neither verbal nor written language existed for humans. Hand gestures and other physical cues were as good as our ancestors had...
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Bitcoin 10K

This Revamped Idea for “Bitcoin Vaults” May End Exchange Hacks for Good

Storing private keys securely can be challenging. While this is especially true for ordinary users, it can be just as true for large-scale custodians: The thousands of bitcoin stashed on...
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Bull Bitcoin CEO Pouliot: SegWit Activation Process Showed Value of Running a Node

Image: Blockchain, Sashkin, Shutterstock During the opening panel of this year’s Understanding Bitcoin conference in Malta, some prominent members of the Bitcoin community reflected on the block size limit controversy...
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3 Key Misconceptions of Running a Bitcoin Full Node

Image credit: Bitcoin network by Oez, via One of the panels at the recent 2019 MIT Bitcoin Expo was focused on the future adoption of Bitcoin and the Lightning...
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Bitcoin Core Developer Matt Corallo Proposes “The Great Consensus Cleanup”

Bitcoin-Core developer Matt Corallo has recently proposed a series of changes to the Bitcoin consensus code, dubbed “The Great Consensus Cleanup” in a new BIP, and submitted an associated pull...
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BetterHash Can Improve Bitcoin Mining Decentralization, But When?

The level of centralization in mining is one of the more credible problems with Bitcoin today. While there has not been much activity in terms of actual attacks made possible...
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Blockstream’s Andrew Poelstra on Why Bitcoin Still Has Weak Privacy

Among the general public, Bitcoin is often viewed as a sort of anonymous online payment method for activities like buying drugs on darknet markets. However, the digital cash system is...
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Grin & Beam: Privacy, MimbleWimble & Competition in Trade-offs

This January has finally seen mainnet launches of two implementations of the novel MimbleWimble privacy-focussed payment protocol come to fruition. MimbleWimble was first introduced to the crypto-community back in 2016,...
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Flaw Discovered in Lightning Network’s Cross-Chain Functionality

While the Lightning Network is mostly known as a way to make Bitcoin payments instant and practically free, another often-touted aspect of the layer-two protocol has been its ability to...
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