NVIDIA cuts its outlook by $100 million due to 2019 coronavirus

NVIDIA opted out of attending MWC 2020 due to coronavirus-related safety concerns before the organization behind the event decided to cancel it altogether. That’s not the only tangible impact the...
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Apple will give the option to buy iOS and Mac apps as a bundle

Obviously, not every developer will decide to take advantage of the feature, so you may still end up buying multiple copies of a single app in some circumstances. According to...
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Ninja's management agency is 'actively seeking to diversify' its talent pool

[embedded content] Just as the debut LCS tournament was playing out in June 2011, the streaming site launched Twitch, a live-video platform dedicated to gaming. Today, Amazon owns Twitch...
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This is the end of 'Kentucky Route Zero'

I interviewed Jake Elliott at GDC 2013, in between the debut of acts one and two, and I asked him about the game’s release schedule, its themes and its ending....
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Apple envisions a Mac made from a sheet of curved glass

One section of the patent imagines sliding a MacBook’s keyboard section through the slot, suggesting this design could also be used for a laptop dock instead of a full-fledged computer....
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My quest to fix my terrible home WiFi

Ever since I moved into a Brooklyn duplex, I’ve struggled to blanket my space in consistent, speedy signal. Alright, fine, “struggled” might not be the right word — I’ve mostly...
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Google's Pixelbook Go is finally available in 'Not Pink'

The Pixelbook Go isn’t the most exciting Chromebook on the market, but it ticks the right checkboxes with solid performance, healthy battery life and a quality keyboard. Most of the...
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'Disintegration' public multiplayer beta starts January 31st

One mode, Control, will be very familiar to modern gamers — your goal is to capture and hold points on the map. Retrieval, in turn, will have one team delivering...
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Apple's rackmount Mac Pro is now available

The system starts at $6,499, or $500 more than the standard tower. Like before, though, the price can quickly spiral upward depending on your needs. Max it out with a...
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AMD vs Intel: CPUs at CES

This is partly down to the 4000 line finally offering eight-core 16-thread chips suitable for thin-and-light machines. These chips have typically topped out at six cores, so cramming two more...
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