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Future Tech Innovations That Will Shape Our World

Technological advances have completely revolutionized our lives, changing how we work, live, and interact. Looking ahead, new technologies will continue to shape the world we inhabit by altering how we...
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What Is The Internet Of Bodies (IoB)?

What Is The Internet Of Bodies (IoB)?

  Technological advancements have brought in lots of developments in the past ten years. One such development is the Internet of Bodies (IoB), a term coined in 2016. It describes...
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Robert Pritchard Explores ESG and Black Swan Events

In the early 2000s, ESG was the in-thing introduced into the financial space after the 2004 “Who Cares Wins” UN report. Since then, ESG has become a fundamental aspect of...
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The Greatest FinTech Trends You Will Witness In 2023

The Greatest FinTech Trends You Will Witness In 2023

  Financial technology is quickly developing, with digital solutions replacing more conventional banking practices to improve efficiency for organizations and individuals alike. Experts at the fintech company Intergiro, which provides...
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07 Applications for Blockchain Technology

If you’re looking for exciting ways to use blockchain technology, check out this list of 7 applications. You’ll find uses for everything from our blog. Read on! As our world...
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Beyond Protocol

Jonathan Manzi of Beyond Protocol Explains How Biometric Technology is Changing Mental Health

Digital biometrics just got a big boost! Blockchain biometrics company Beyond Protocol is breaking the limits of what we consider to be the cutting edge as per biometric technology. We...
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Internet of behavior

The Internet Of Behavior (IoB): What Is It And Why Is It A Top Trend In 2021?

The internet of behavior (IoB) is an evolution of Internet of Things (IoT) .The integration of IoT has helped people interact at a much-deeper level with technology than ever before....
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Internet Of Things: What Are Its Benefits And Drawbacks For Business?

Internet of Things (IoT) innovations, benefits, improvements, and applications have become a major topic in the mainstream media space in recent years. The entire concept features the automatic cooperation of...
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5G Technology Will Enhance Safety And Convenience In Future Vehicles

5G Technology Will Enhance Safety And Convenience In Future Vehicles

5G technology appears to be the next gateway to the future of the internet and technology. Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) projects are expected to thrive on 5G. Experts...
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5G And The New Era Of Fraud And Gaming

5G And The New Era Of Fraud And Gaming

5G is a revolutionary technology that many believe will solve some of the previous challenging clouding the internet. In a world where speedily-evolving technology is creating many new attack avenues...
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