What Is Yield Farming? The Rocket Fuel of DeFi, Explained

It’s effectively July 2017 in the world of decentralized finance (DeFi), and as in the heady days of the initial coin offering (ICO) boom, the numbers are only trending up....
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This Political Conversation With Vitalik Buterin Shows How Ethereum Could Change the World

New York congressional candidate Jonathan Herzog hosted a live YouTube broadcast with Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin on Monday, along with author and activist Glen Weyl.  Herzog is a Democrat who...
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On EOS Blockchain, Vote Buying Is Business as Usual

Buying votes is a big no-no in traditional democracies, but on the world’s eighth-largest blockchain it’s become an accepted way of doing business. A new service makes it easier for...
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Zcash’s Funding Vote and the Woes of Decentralized Governance

The zcash community has agreed to continue funding the development of its privacy coin, ZEC, as spearheaded by the Electric Coin Company (ECC) and the Zcash Foundation, according to voting...
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DAO Platform Aragon Begins Recruiting Jurors for Tokenized ‘Court’

Aragon has started the process for recruiting human jurors as the governance protocol prepares to launch its decentralized court system. As of 16:00 UTC Tuesday, community members will be able...
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This Token Project Offered to Shut Down. Its Market Cap Shot Up $10M

“The space needs a Carl Icahn–like personality to call these teams out and propagate a culture in our industry where it’s not OK to just sit on tens and even...
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Ethereum’s Reddit Moderators Resign Amid Controversy

Taylor Monahan, the CEO of crypto wallet startup MyCrypto, has been moderator for the ethereum subreddit channel since 2016. That year, the ethereum Reddit channel was just breaking over the...
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Aragon Vote Aims to Restrict Ethereum App from Funding Polkadot Blockchain

Two weeks from now, token-holders for the Aragon application will put the efficacy of its on-chain governance model to the test. The Aragon project, launched in 2016, is envisioned as...
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The RadicalxChange Movement’s Crypto-Cypherpunk Appeal

Vitalik Buterin, Zooko Wilcox, Simon de la Rouviere, Santiago Siri – all are prominent leaders in the blockchain technology sector who regularly attend and speak at conferences around the world....
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Ethereum Foundation Director Sets New Vision for Blockchain Non-Profit

“When the Ethereum Foundation was founded, the Ethereum Foundation was ethereum. People in the Foundation were the ones that were building ethereum. Now, that’s not the case.” That’s Aya Miyaguchi,...
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E-Crypto News Executive Interviews

Crypto Scams

Cryptosoft Trading Bot Review
June 27, 2022
The Largest Crypto Scams Of 2022 (So Far)
The Largest Crypto Scams Of 2022 (So Far)
June 14, 2022
How Do Scammers Entice Their Prey?
May 10, 2022
Beanstalk Farms Loses $80M In A Massive DeFi Governance Flash-Loan Hack
Beanstalk Farms Loses $80M In A Massive DeFi Governance Flash-Loan Hack
April 23, 2022
Joon Pak Head of Crypto at Prove talks to Us about Crypto Fraud And More
April 11, 2022

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Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Questions and Answers

Roundtable Interview-What is the Effect of The Russia-Ukraine War on Cryptocurrency Prices?
March 4, 2022
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November 8, 2021
How to Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency
November 8, 2021
What Are Bitcoin Futures And How Will They Work In 2022?
November 4, 2021
The Unconventional Guide to Ethereum
October 28, 2021

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