eu Launches Crypto Trading Services in the EU announced the launch of its crypto trading services in the European Union. With this announcement, KVX becomes one of the companies to provide these services in the EU. Vilnius,...
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PollenDAO Co-Founder on the Power of DeFi Meritocracy and More

The decentralized finance (DeFi) space has ben like the wild west for most of its existence. Now, we have Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) who have provided some form of standard...
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As the EU Battles Big Tech Who Wins?

The rest of the world has been in dismay as the EU battles big tech. For the greater part of three years, Big Tech and the EU leaders in Brussels...
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The UK buys a 45 percent stake in broke satellite startup OneWeb

The government previously planned to build its own Galileo replacement with the help of other members of the Five Eyes intelligence alliance — Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the US....
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EU says websites can't hide content behind 'cookie walls'

Are you frustrated with websites trying to dodge around the EU’s cookie consent laws by forcing you accept cookies just to view anything? So is the EU. The European Data...
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UK’s NHS won’t use Apple-Google approach to COVID-19 tracking

Another potential drawback, is that the centralized approach may eat up more power. Apple’s solution lets the contact tracing happen in the background, but the UK’s app has to be...
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Netflix will reduce streaming birates in Europe to ease congestion

“Following the discussions between Commissioner Thierry Breton and Reed Hastings — and given the extraordinary challenges raised by the coronavirus — Netflix has decided to begin reducing bit rates across...
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What you should know about Cryptocurrency Taxation

Taxes can differ widely from one jurisdiction to the next. Some countries even have significant taxation discrepancies between their regions. The only constant when it comes to cryptocurrencies and taxation,...
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How Cryptocurrencies Can Mitigate Some of Brexit’s Negative Effects

Brexit, the European divorce saga that has been going on for years, has created a lot of headaches for politicians and ordinary people on both sides of the Channel. The...
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Here’s How Europeans Can Deal With Negative Interest Rates

Low and negative interest rates have been a burden for account holders across Europe for some time. And it’s only getting worse, as the European Central Bank just announced a...
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