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Swiss Crypto Company ChainDigger Wows Over 200 Investors at Launch Event in Zurich


 On Saturday, 20 August 2022, over 200 investors attended the official launch of ChainDigger at Club AURA in Zurich. The exclusive setting gave guests a taste of where the journey with the luxury and lifestyle business is headed.

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From idea to reality

If you haven’t heard of the Aargau-based crypto company yet, it’s time to start paying attention: guests at the launch event were unanimous that the name ChainDigger will soon be on everyone’s lips.

True to its mission of making luxury and lifestyle accessible to all, the company put on a glamorous, exclusive programme lasting the whole evening. It began with a performance by Swiss singer Marcio Pereira Conrado aka Marcshélle De Marcio, former contestant on German music competition DSDS. The evening was then officially opened by the charming, assured host Samuel Vetsch.

Co-founder Raphael Zumsteg describes the motivation behind the event: ‘We wanted to show our direction of travel. And we wanted to say thank you for all the trust people have placed in us.’ And above all, they wanted to show to the world that their idea has now become reality.

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Zumsteg and fellow founder Rade Djuric told the story of how a decision made on a balcony in the small Swiss town of Meisterschwanden gave birth to a company that secured over 400 investors in the space of nine months. ‘One reason for the support is that we adhere strictly to legal regulations, and sometimes even go beyond what’s required,’ explained Djuric.

Sales managers Jan Fässler and Luca Stössel then lifted the mood in the room even further with an entertaining interview, in which they explained why they’ve gone all-in on word-of-mouth marketing. They then talked about their own company, Global Luxury Revolution, which they chose to base in Portugal due to their strong contacts there and the country’s crypto-friendly government.

From influencer to jewellery icon to Hollywood great

As well as enjoying a stand-out flying dinner, guests heard from some of ChainDigger’s stand-out business partners, who had all travelled specially from places across Europe to be there. Luke Mabott, a successful influencer propelled to international fame by Love Island, was up first. He talked with quintessential British charm about his project Rexy Club, one of the largest NFT projects in the world right now. Sadly, his business partner Christopher Loftus wasn’t able to make it to Zurich due to an overbooked flight, so Mili Batista stepped in at the last minute. As head of the team behind the network ATROMG8, he’s responsible for the technology underpinning Rexy Club and ChainDigger.

Leading jewellery designer Martina Montecarlo then spoke about the many offers she’s received thanks to her stellar reputation. ‘Oh yes, there have been loads. But ChainDigger has a rock-solid foundation and some really good people working there, so I decided to go with them.’ Words that were met with a big round of applause. She then unveiled the first jewellery collection, which will shortly be available to purchase on the ChainDigger website in the form of asset-backed NFTs.

The star-studded line-up concluded with Steven Saltzman, son of the late film producer Harry Saltzman, who helped launch the James Bond film franchise. Though Saltzman couldn’t reveal too much at this stage, his name alone hints that this partnership is going to be something big.

A Mercedes, gold and far-away countries

Later on, ChainDigger co-founder Djuric brought the evening to a close with some exciting announcements. Investors can look forward this year to model no. 1 of 130 limited-edition Mercedes Benz S65 AMGs, powered by a 630 PS engine – in the form of fragmented NFTs, of course. On top of that, ChainDigger is planning to launch a gold stablecoin, and Djuric also proudly announced that the company has built strong links with Dubai and Qatar-based businesses and is holding initial discussions about a possible collaboration.

He wrapped up by saying: ‘We’re at the start of something very, very big. Right now, we don’t know where ChainDigger might be in one, three or five years’ time. But it’s going to be on such a scale that in future anyone who has anything to do with crypto will know us.’

The applause that greeted these words showed the strength of belief in the room: everyone there could tell ChainDigger is at the start of a big journey. Nobody minded that the event overran by a few minutes due to all the big announcements and all the special guests taking to the stage.

Attendees appreciated the effort ChainDigger put into the event. CEO Roger Kramer also acknowledges that ‘some of the credit for the evening’s success must go to our sponsors’, especially ATROMG8 (Mili Batista), Pure EnerQi (Silvia Donner), MindSpiritLeaders (Marcel Haggeney & Kristine Derungs), Holzig (Linda & Thomas Hofer) and Leader Luxury Service (Oktay Aslan), who all helped make it an unforgettable event in ChainDigger’s still young history.

A history that began with the simple idea of using NFT technology to allow people to make profitable investments in luxury goods split into small parts. The first ChainDigger Night made abundantly clear that what was once an idea is now reality.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.