Swiss-Based Neuseren to Provide Security Token Solutions Based on BlockRules’ Technology

Swiss-based Neuseren partnered with US-based BlockRules, a wholly owned subsidiary of pharmaceutical firm Verseon, to offer security token services to companies worldwide.


Neuseren S.A., a financial services company based in Geneva, Switzerland, announced on Friday that it partnered with blockchain-oriented development firm BlockRules. According to the agreement, Neuseren will apply BlockRules’ technology and solutions to provide companies around the world with the capabilities to issue regulated security tokens on public blockchains such as Ethereum.

Neuseren was founded to help companies that want to expand their investor base by offering tokenized assets in a manner compliant with regulations. The company provides financial advisory solutions meant to help companies leverage blockchain to raise funds. Neuseren promotes the issuance and trade of tokenized securities on public blockchains.

The company CEO Patrick Dumont commented on the deal:

“The security and transparency of blockchain ledgers make them the ideal vehicle for financial securities. One of the main barriers has been the lack of a framework to ensure regulatory compliance. BlockRules’ technology provides that framework.”

On the other side, BlockRules’ technology unlocks access to a new and expanding international community of investors interested in blockchain. The community members are keen to apply blockchain solutions for security token trading. One of the key differences between security-backed tokens and ICO-based utility tokens is that the former ones have the regulatory compliance features built-in.

BlockRules director Eniko Fodor, who is also COO of Verseon, stated:

“Our blockchain technology brings companies and investors together in a way that can significantly improve the efficiency of capital markets. We believe our approach to supporting transactions of tokenized securities will create a new standard of trust and security for investors.”

BlockRules is a subsidiary of Verseon Corporation, a California-based pharmaceutical company co-founded by Eniko Fodor. The firm leverages blockchain to support the sale, issuance, and trading of securities. BlockRules’s technology allows the enforcement of regulatory compliance on a blockchain network, allowing firms to issue tokenized shares and support decentralized trading.

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