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Starter IDO Launchpad Grew to #1 in One Year

Raised over $40 million in seed, private and public rounds for 50+ projects

Celebrating its first anniversary – creating a Metaspace Community Engagement and Investor Forum for DeFi, GameFi, & NFT enthusiasts

British Virgin Islands, March 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain Wire) March 9, 2022, 8:00 am ET Starter.xyz (https://starter.xyz), the leading IDO launchpad, incubator and investor network, which has raised over $40 million in seed, private and public rounds for 50+ projects across multiple blockchains, is celebrating its first anniversary. Starter.xyz is natively deployed on multiple top blockchain platforms: BSC/Binance Smart Chain, PolygonEthereumAvalanche, Fantom.

Since its inception, Starter has had rocket development, taking first place as the go-to IDO launchpad after just one year and making it a milestone enabler for countless DeFi projects. As such, it’s a key resource for both investors and startups. Key innovations it has introduced at record speed: Vetting, Investor Protection and Interoperability.

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Within less than one year of its launch, Starter was named the leading IDO launchpad by ROI in Q4 of 2021 by CryptoRank, creating more than 50 times growth for its launch projects at their high point (53.3x ATH). How does a startup achieve that kind of result so fast?

Starter’s COO, Suvi Rinkinen, observed: “As a launchpad conceived to enable the widespread growth of DeFi, Starter was designed to ensure trust and provide quality for investors. This explains the rapid success that it has enjoyed early on.”

Blockchain has faced three main challenges which Starter has successfully solved with its innovations. These are:

  1. Identifying the legitimate, high-potential projects in an ever-growing pool of countless startups.
  2. Protecting investors from scams.
  3. Providing enterprise-grade, scalable technology and interoperability.

As a safeguard, all projects that conduct IDOs on Starter are curated and vetted by the community, ensuring objectivity and using systematic criteria to assess their quality. The vetting looks at all relevant project activities – assessing tokenomics, marketing, the roadmap, and team history.

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To prevent “rug-pulling” – when a project conducts fundraising and absconds with the funds provided by investors –  after a raise on Starter, an IDO’s funds are locked in liquidity pools and vested to bring yield in $START and $VEST in a win-win scenario for the investors and projects.

Starter began on BSC, which works with Solidity, the programming language used by Ethereum. That’s one of the reasons why the BSC platform has grown so fast, offering an alternative technology to ETH and the latter’s scalability impasses and high gas prices. Starter consciously chose BSC to start its launchpad/integrator while targeting the bulk of DeFi on Ethereum, and then quickly added interoperability with four more major blockchain platforms, thus vastly increasing the accessibility, value, and user friendliness of individual projects and their offerings, beyond the potential locked on Ethereum.

In response to solving these key challenges, Starter has seen considerable traction early on. Within its first year, it has completed 50+ in sales (seed, private, IDO), some of which sold out in seconds, raised $40M+ for hosted projects, created an incubator fund amounting to $17M+ in assets under management, and has almost 160 projects using their Liquidity Locking Service, StartVesting.xyz, which has over $40M TVL. Starter incubated and created the popular, Tamagochi-inspired PlayToEarn game, “Starchi”, offering revolutionary staking opportunities with up to 898% APY. As a result of Starter’s early success, a second launchpad is in the making and soon to be announced.

To celebrate its first anniversary, Starter held a virtual birthday party and inaugurated a metaspace that will become an interactive digital meetingplace to enable community engagement, live since March 1, 2022. As this short film shows, the forum will enable a new kind of virtual community interaction, inviting viewers to discuss everything from tokenomics to governance and new trends in digital assets.

The kickoff is Starter’s first native metaspace event at 11:00 am ET on March 10th, 2022. Participants are invited to join the event here. Access will be granted on a first come, first served basis five minutes before the event starts. The interactive program agenda will cover how projects like Cake Monster and Project Oasis worked with Starter to strategize their successful IDOs, and what advice they have for peers.

For additional information regarding Starter’s upcoming IDOs, please visit https://starter.xyz/. To learn more about Starter, Starter’s community and how to begin investing, follow Starter’s TwitterReddit and Telegram community channels. For upcoming events, follow Starter Announcements.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.