Stars Expert: the World’s First Crypto-Based App for Paid Videocalls

Press release

Stars Expert for Android and Web offers high-quality paid videocalls for those who want to monetize their audience. No more invoices or delays: the user sets the price per minute, answers incoming calls and gets automatic Etherium payments within a few seconds. No fixed commission is charged, only optional donations.

Building a large audience is a task that requires much effort, considerable investments and a lot of creativity. However, the ways to monetize one’s audience are limited. Most of them are related to advertising, but followers are usually repelled by abundant adverts. Is it possible to get revenue from one’s popularity and make fans happy at the same time?


Stars Expert paid calls service is a noteworthy option. Fans and followers will be happy to videocall their favorite blogger, even if it costs a considerable amount of money. Apart from bloggers, this service can be used by celebrities, experts, doctors, tutors and consultants of all kinds. The app features a promo list called “Editor’s Choice”: famous people and popular bloggers are included without any charge upon request.


How is Stars Expert different from competing services and apps? First, it is a non-commercial project with zero commission and optional donations, while similar services based on fiat money charge from 20% to 50% of user’s revenue. Second, Stars Expert allows to set the price of the call between 0.0001 ETH (~1.5 cents) to 100 ETH (~15,000 dollars) per minute. No other service offers such a wide range. Third, the revenue can be withdrawn to an external wallet at any moment, with the minimum withdrawal amount comprising ~$1.5.


How to use it: the user registers on the service, sets the price per minute and shares a link to their Stars Expert profile. Fans and followers will be able to make calls via the app or from a browser after they register and top up their Ethereum balance (a QR-code for a quick top-up is provided). Payment is charged automatically when the call is over.


Why Ethereum? Cryptocurrencies allow to avoid high commissions and bank-related hassle. Ethereum was chosen among other coins due to its quick transactions and small transfer fee. Ethers can be quickly converted to fiat money (and vice versa) on a globally available website with an anti-fraud escrow system.


Stars Expert is currently available for Android and Web. The iOS version is in development and will be released soon.


Stars Expert at a glance:

  • The world’s first crypto-based videocalls service;

  • No commissions apart from optional donations;

  • Quick withdrawal at any moment;

  • ”Editor’s Choice” promo list – free inclusion for famous people.



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Slavik Bogdanov, founder

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+7 983 150 0303

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