STARBOTS Officailly launches Open Beta


TORTOLA, BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS, June 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Starbots has finally announced the launch of the Open Beta version after such a long time waiting from Starbosses. Get yourself prepared to experience a real qualified Play to Earn NFT game ever on Solana blockchain.

To fulfill excitement and expectation of the Starbots community, Open Beta is released as a completed version where players can PLAY TO EARN, experience all new features, and officially gain vGEAR and NFTs from Loot boxes.

Starbots has developed more new features to enrich the mechanism and in-game visuals.

  • Free to Play: Unlike other NFT games, players need to purchase NFTs before entering the game but with Starbots, the Free to Play version allows players to access the game content without any payment requirements. Players will be given a FREE whole robot with 5 full parts leveled as Trainer (Beetle Body, Nano Spear weapon, Plasma Booster gadget and Minion wheels) after registering their own account and logging in the game. They can complete tasks, earn vGEAR, Starpoints, raise rank in the Championship as well as try all other features in game. Moreover, vGEAR can be claimed to their wallet afterwards.
  • Starpass: By completing daily and weekly missions, players can achieve the number of Starpoints corresponding to the challenging level of the missions. With each 100 Starpoints, players are able to reach the next milestone with different valuable rewards. There are 2 types of Starpass which are Free Pass and Premium. When they reach the Premium rewards, a fixed number of $BOT may be charged for the ticket to unlock the prize or the Loot boxes
  • Sandbox: Starbosses can use this feature as a way of practicing and exploring the power and function of their own robot. Testing tactics will not cost any batteries of their body and players can practice endlessly until they have mastered the mechanics.
  • Championship: It is the main feature of PvP mode. Unlike the Open Alpha test, the number of Dog Points earned by winning battles will be divided correspondingly to each rank. The higher rank, the more valuable rewards.
  • Profile: This feature is launched for users to create a unique profile for players and gather essential gaming statistics including total number of battles, win rate, win streaks, ranking and the frequency summary of used body parts so that players can have smart tactics and strategies to fight for the Starbots King.

Starbots historical milestones

In the beginning of 2022, Starbots successfully raised private funding round of $2.4M with some notable names leading the crypto space. Many quality investors and partners offered Starbots tremendous support in strategic advisory on ecosystem development and professional guidance of communication marketing to attract a considerable number of Starbosses.

It is also very impressive to witness the incredible milestones on IDO and NFT sale of Starbots in the first quarter of 2022. Specifically, 8,000,000 BOT have been sold out with only 3 seconds on LuaSwap, 12 seconds of FCFS round on Solrazr and within 4 hours on Impossible Finance; 10,000 packs of NFTs have been all sold in less than 30 seconds on MagicEden.

Starbots has gone through 2 Open Alpha seasons with remarkable records of more than 3000 registered Starbosses, nearly 28,000 NFTs used and over 1.2 million valid battles in total as well as a massive number of compliments and feedback from gaming community.

Starbots vision

By employing a diverse range of Decentralized Apps such as Explorer, Dashboard and Marketplace, Starbots aims to become the industry standard within the broad GameFi ecosystem by bridging the best values in both the traditional gaming field and the blockchain-driven gaming industry. In the long run, Starbits looks forward to building a gaming infrastructure dedicated to NFT games, including game SDK, Web3 Login, Marketplace and a publishing platform on Solana.

About Starbots

Starbots is a robot battle NFT game on Solana where players can strategically assemble their own robots to win battles, complete missions, and conquer new lands.

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