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Spideyfloki Pre-Sale is Coming at PinkSale and Upcoming Launch at Pancakeswap

The amazing SpideyFloki project: SpideyFloki giving charity to children all across the world so that they can be their own version friendly neighborhood hero.

Orlando, FL, Dec. 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain Wire) SpideyFloki is a community-driven project that is inspired by The Friendly Neighborhood Hero Spider-Man and Elon’s Shiba Floki. SpideyFloki is a new hero, together with the community, SpideyFloki will try his best to save the world. SpideyFloki project strives to bring massive values, not only for investors but also for the entire community and every single one who believe and support SpideyFloki.

SpideyFloki aims to hit the moon by spreading love for everyone, our main goals are to bring values and benefits, by giving passive income through BUSD Rewards in this beautiful season while simultaneously saving children by doing charity and sending gift to those who need love which they deserve. SpideyFloki has been KYCed, has a Doxxed Dev and is audited, making the project 100% SAFU.

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SpideyFloki pre-sale is ON ITS WAY!! Pre-sale is coming at PinkSale @pinkecosystem and upcoming launch at Pancakeswap after 48 hours, make sure you set your reminder for their schedules. It will be happening on the rising star launchpad, PinkSale on 18th December, at 16:00UTC. With a hard cap of 1000, they are getting ready for a great marketing campaign.The legitimate of this project and its future are no longer doubtful, we seek for future vision and carry massive supports from many well-known people. Making sure our stated promises are proven and sink in into those who trusted in SpideyFloki.

Several great features that the project is offering as follows:

BUSD RewardsSpideyFloki is about giving profits for the community, holders will gain passive income from holding SpideyFloki token by giving automatic BUSD Rewards for every wallet on every hour. When you hold $SPIDEYXMAS you will gain BUSD rewards for every hour and it’s automatic. This a very investor friendly perk, the investor will always get profit just by holding it.

Spidey CharitySpideyFloki will go around the world, giving charity and Christmas gifts for children who deserve a happy childhood. Become the neighborhood hero that everyone loved. And give them chance to become their own version of SpideyFloki. SpideyFloki have already started their charity in different country all over the continent and they will keep on giving back to the society. One of them is at “A Kid’s Place” at the Tampa Bay, USA, and another one is “Keskul Yardim Dernegi” at Turkey.

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The Christmas GiftSpideyFloki will give an opportunity to all the holder to win Christmas gift from the lovely SpideyFloki by attending daily quizzes and challenges in SpideyFloki Official Telegram Group for a chance to win various rewards such as token airdrop, cash rewards, gadgets, gift cards, and more. There no limit to things that SpideyFloki will be giving, especially in this festive season.

Play-2-Earn Minigames

SpideyFloki also features a play to earn spidey themed minigames with simple yet nostalgic concept that can be enjoyed by anyone, experience interesting and fun gameplay of SpideyFloki: Christmas Swing while also earning $SPIDEYXMAS as you play and progress onto the game. This is a fresh approach to all minigames.

Spidey NFTsThe Spidey NFTs is also another future plan of ours, it combines the designed NFTs by both the power and cuteness from spidey and floki into one. This is a very unique approach to NFTs making this one of the main feature that people gravitated towards more.

Amazing Roadmap Plan Ahead:

  1. Phase 1: This phase focus more on the early stages such as the idea making, interest-building, website & smart contract creation, as well as bringing the SpideyFloki spirits all across the community.
  2. Phase 2: At this phase SpideyFloki will be focusing in Massive Marketing Campaign. While also focusing in listing the project in CG and CMC. SpideyFloki will bring more influencers on board the project, in the same time doing it’s first Children’s Charity Drive.
  3. Phase 3: In this phase SpideyFloki will be pushing in an even bigger marketing than it’s previous phase. An inevitable CEX listing and also NFTs sneak peek. More Charity for Children’s all across the continent and Minigame beta release at this stage.
  4. Phase 4: NFTs marketplace launch and Minigame Final launch in this phase. 2ndcharity and more celebrity influencers supporting the project and massive giveaway will be delivered in this phase
  5. Phase 5: At this massive stage SpideyFloki wallet will be launched and SpideyFloki swap will also be launched. Not only that, 2nd minigame will be launched and massive charity globally. P2E will be updated to a more engaging and more develop than its previous generation.

With all being said, SpideyFloki is your trustworthy, neighborhood hero of the cryptocurrency. SpideyFloki is still very young and needs to explore the world to be known by everyone. Together with the community, we can help SpideyFloki fulfill his dream: to spread love, aid children in need, and of course bring values and benefits to everyone that believes and supports SpideyFloki.

SpideyFloki will be the next project that will moon because there are features that no one can deny no matter how bearish the investor is. Automatic BUSD rewards hourly, giving the holders ultimate satisfaction while having ultimate happiness by giving back to our future generation. SpideyFloki will also provide Christmas gifts by attending daily quizzes and winning prizes that is astonishing and will always impress the holders all the time. Making SpideyFloki the project that will inevitably be the project that not only moon but fly to mars. Together, SpideyFloki is the only project that truly cares to our children the future hero for the next generation and it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to be a part of it.

Social Media:

Telegram: https://t.me/spideyfloki

Website: www.spideyfloki.io

Twitter: @SpideyFloki

YouTube: Spideyfloki

Reddit: r/spideyfloki

TikTok: @spideyfloki

Instagram: @spideyfloki

Discord: spideyfloki

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.